South Korea’s DoubleMe Remixing the Reality Experiences

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DoubleMe is a holographic reality developer from South Korea that is on its way to becoming one of the leading names in hologram experiences.

In a world of COVID-19 pandemic, contactless technologies are on the rise as ht pandemic has driven up all apart. And, in this new normal world, DoubleMe is end-to-end solution with a 3D animation software designed for Social Holographic Reality Experiences.

So, what is DoubleMe and how it works?

The company offers a novel 3D capture system, HoloPortal™ Studio. What it does is it creates dynamic 3D models from 2D videos in real time. And it can work for different 3D content markets like fashion, travel, gaming, and more. It can make dynamic 3D models of people, pets, or even places in real time, from multiple camera angles.

What is DoubleMe HoloPortal?

The HoloPortal™ Studio is the platform behind recreating the 3D models as it captures the magic and motion in real time. It’s a proprietary algorithm technology that can recreate a highly accurate 3D model of things that are happening live! Along with the moving objects, it will also capture the still subjects like furniture and such so that you can get a real feel of the holographic reality.

You can literally put your own self in the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences as the 3D models in HoloPortal™ Studio will even capture your skin, clothing, and facial expressions! It is going to be your ‘DoubleMe’ in whatever experience you want to explore!

Imagine your very own Star Trek Holodeck!

There are no complicated steps or machinery required – just a computer, camera, and an advanced machine-learning algorithm.

What is TwinWorld?

TwinWorld is a social mixed reality platform from DoubleMe that remixes human images into 3D holographic models in real time with HoloPortal.

With this platform, you can control your own experience and it is constantly evolving. You can create your own magical moments and memories in a unique way. The platform gives you the tools to become whoever you want to be!

And just like HoloPortal™ Studio, there is no complicated coding required. You can easily mirror reality into your 3D virtual space with TwinWorld.

Turn Your Reality into a Digital Playground with DoubleMe

TwinWorld platform with Microsoft HoloLens can give you the power to create your own mixed reality. You can customize your world and share your experience using mixed reality. As a user, you can create and design your own world and explore with the HoloLens 2 headset that links the digital world to the physical world.

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to exploring the digitally create world around you using TwinWorld. You can travel anywhere in the world without leaving your bed, meet a Jedi as your explore the Holodeck from Star Trek! The possibilities are endless and they are continually growing.

DoubleMe in Fashion Industry

Fashion designer Martine Jarlgaard used the DoubleMe technology for the first time to create the world’s first mixed reality fashion show. She believes that the fashion industry needs more innovation and what better way than to utilize the DoubleMe technology. She says, “Technology, from mixed reality to 3D printing, will redefine fashion and has the potential to become the most significant engine of change in the quest of a more intelligent, sustainable and ethical approach”.

So what happened in her fashion show is that people entered an empty room and they were given Microsoft Hololens headset. There was no runway or models walking the ramp, you could see the fashion by a combination of tech and reality. You could walk around the hologram of the model wearing the dress and see it from all the different angles.

‘Untact’ in South Korea with DoubleMe

While reshaping the economy in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic, South Korean President Moon Jae-in is working around the concept of ‘untact’. It means doing things without direct contact with others, especially in the light of social distancing initiatives and such.

When it comes to contact-free technologies, DoubleMe will be able to help us come together ‘in-person’ again in the world we create for ourselves.

To capture this market, DoubleMe has created TwinWorld Experience Centers that provide an opportunity to everyday users to meet “face-to-face” without risking in-person contact. Along with South Korea, there will be such experience centers across the globe in locations such as Paris, Bangkok, London, Moscow and more.

DoubleMe in Travel Industry – Hologram City

Creating a hologram city is the latest initiative of DoubleMe combining the elements of TwinWorld and HoloPortal™ Studio technologies. And the first city that you can experience in this initiative is the historical South Korean city, Buyeo.

DoubleMe CEO Albert Kim commented, “We’re so excited to transform this historic city into the next generation immersive landscape. Buyeo once was capital of Baekje, an ancient Korean kingdom known for technology and global cultural exchange.” And now with becoming the world’s first Hologram City, it will mark its place in history again.

And in times of pandemic, when the travel is limited, technology like DoubleMe will certainly help in satisfying the wanderlust of travelers. While it is not a substitute for actually experiencing the city, it is the best that you can do if you can’t travel.

What’s Next?

It’s not perfect and like any other technology, there are some glitches. But, the best thing about new technologies is the amount of fun you can have while exploring the limits and enjoying the experience.

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