Smart EV Charger From EVAR: Best Electronic Vehicle Charging Unit

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EVAR Smart EV Charger is an award-winning Korean product that allows dynamic load balancing and efficient charging across multiple vehicles.

The use of petroleum products for vehicles causes damage to the environment. Because of the increased demand for cars, the depletion of the Earth’s resources has shown a drastic rise. Upon realizing these issues, organizations across the globe love investing in them and creating cars for everyday use. The electronic vehicle market is on an all-time high, with the end-user gaining accessibility to these cars at affordable prices. An Electronic vehicle runs on electricity which comes from a variety of sources. One Korean company comes forward with a revolutionary device that can charge these EVs effectively without disrupting their load and voltage. Read on ahead to understand more about EVAR Inc. and its Smart EV charger. 

About EVAR Inc. 

EVAR Inc. comes as a spin-off from the famous Samsung electronics. Lee Hun, the CEO of EVAR Inc., realized the importance of EV charging units after he bought an electronic car herself. While their cost saved from not using petrol was high, there were not enough EV charging stations which upset him. He wanted to incorporate the benefits of portable energy into car chargers like mobiles. This idea led to the foundation of EVAR in 2016, and the collaboration with Samsung C labs gave the company a platform to undertake research and development of the topic. Organizations like Hyundai Motors, Naver, and many others have invested in EVAR to ensure their ongoing research never ends. With unique products, this company plans on creating an affordable and convenient market for EV owners. 

Smart EV Charger

The Smart EV charger falls under fixed EV chargers that can charge up many vehicles at a time. This product uses Bluetooth Mesh technology and allows users to make payments through NFC technology. The Grid for this charging unit lies at 7Kw, and it can connect up to 5 vehicles with its Bluetooth technology. To work with this device, you need a working Bluetooth connection in your vehicle. Once you connect and charge your vehicle, the device saves its information, and you will not need to connect it every time. This technology is a patent to EVAR, and they plan on installing many such stations across Korea. 

The advantage of this unit is that you can install it anywhere across the area or building as long as you can find a power grid around. The energy provided through this source is double that of a conventional power grid. With its efficient design and seamless connectivity, it stands out from the crowd. The concept of using one power grid to charge many vehicles allows you to save almost 70% of costs and protect your monthly bills by 80%. 

evar smart ev charger

The users who register to use these chargers get a smart card that comes installed with money and their ID. You just need to reach the nearest charging station, tap your tap, and connect the pipe to the car’s charging socket. The Smart Charger dynamically balances the load even if you leave your car alone for a while. The Smart EV charger made it to the Honoree list for the¬†2022 CES Innovation Awards with its unique thought and productivity in two categories – Smart City and Sustainability,¬†Eco-Design & Smart Energy.¬†It is the first product in the world to achieve such a feat.

In the End!

If you own an EV and need to find the most convenient way to charge your vehicle, get a Smart EV charger installed in your building and never face a power shortage in your car. 

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