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Best Glow Recipe Products for Achieving Glass Skin

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With natural and wonderful products from Glow Recipe, it is possible to achieve the famous, trending, and much-coveted glass skin!

The K-Beauty craze is not here to die anytime soon. Their primary aim is to have every individual flaunt a glass-like blemish-free, clear, and hydrated skin. Many companies have come forward and combined natural and organic ingredients to give fans of K-Beauty a complete skincare experience. Glow Recipe is one such company that works at the forefront of the K-Beauty industry and has fans worldwide. It is the most sought-after brand for both celebrities and the ordinary public alike. If you follow Korean skincare regimes, you have most likely already used a product from this company or are planning to buy one soon.

A Bit About Glow Recipe

They launched this company as an E-commerce site where one could purchase products from top brands. It is now a brand that has multiple products under its belt. Its co-founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, use secret ingredients from their elder’s closets and combine them with technology to produce formulations above the competition. Ingredients like watermelon rind, blueberry, avocado, papaya, and other fruits, make up the ingredient list on their products. Modern-day ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, collagen, and Vitamin B5 add the scientific touch. A few of its products are listed here that will take you one step closer to your glass skin goals.

Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner

This one takes inspiration from Korean products that target two skin routines in one. This toner plums the skin and effectively cleans all pores. It exfoliates and hydrates the skin as well. You can visually minimize pores by using this one regularly. It has BHA and PHAs that work on tightening the pores and cleaning them. Its vital ingredient is watermelon extract that is rich in amino acids. These heal the skin, remove dark spots and wrinkles. BHA and PHA effectively work on the skin surface and remove any dead skin and build-up. Tea tree oil gives it antimicrobial properties. Hyaluronic acid and cucumber hydrate and cool the skin, respectively. It is suitable for people with all skin types and an ideal product for people with sensitive skin.

Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum

It is a serum that works on the skin by hydrating it layer-wise. It gives a youthful appearance post-use and a freshly plump feel. This serum is oil-free yet does not evaporate quickly. Hyaluronic acid nourishes the different layers of the skin by forming a gel-like film at five molecular weights and does not let the skin’s natural water evaporate. Another important ingredient is the collagen protein that is from vegan sources. It reinstates the skin’s elasticity and, with Vitamin B, rejuvenates the skin. This is an easy-to-use serum that protects with Vitamin C and incorporates a spurt of hydration into the skin.

Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

A winner of multiple awards across the years, their Watermelon Sleeping Mask is breathable, cures and hydrates the skin in your sleep. It is feathery light on the face and does not transfer onto the sheets. Amino acids from the watermelon extract hydrate and deoxidized the free radicals from the skin. This eliminates any fine lines and wrinkles. It even has pumpkin extract that is a strong antioxidant and prevents skin damage. Hyaluronic acid does its job the best by being the hydration hero. AHA, present in the sleeping mask, is a chemical that is gentle on the skin and exfoliates to remove any dead cells, thus leaving the face clean and soft. Try it once, and you will never sleep without it again.

Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask

Make those tired eyes sparkle again. Healing tired eyes is a tough job, but the Glow Recipe has the answer for you. Its Avocado Melt Eye mask helps fight puffiness, wrinkles, and dullness under the eyes. With Avocado’s Vitamin C and Vitamin E, potent antioxidants, this one fights damage under the eyes best. Vitamin B-3 or niacinamide heals dullness and blurs out the appearance of dark circles. This one especially has coffeeberry extracts that are a well-known antioxidant and reduces puffiness and brighten dark circles. Another power ingredient here is retinol. It makes the skin under the eyes taut, thus giving you a younger and youthful appearance.

Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm

This one focuses on the 2-step-cleansing routine that K -beauty is known for. Working as the oil cleaner, this balm quickly turns to a milky, oily texture upon use. Its squeaky-clean finish will leave you wanting more. The enzyme papain from Papaya makes for a strong antioxidant in nature. This product has harnessed its properties in its papaya extract. It also acts as a gentle scrub, removing dead cells and enhancing the skin tone. Fatty acids from the papaya extracts keep skin fresh and plump. Blueberry extracts heal damaged skin by fighting free radicals. This one also has oils from the apricot kernel and japonica seed. Both these nourish and hydrate the skin.

Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

Another award-winning product from the house of Glow recipe is here. This cleanser removes makeup, cleanses the skin, and also acts as a light mask that hydrates from within. They pack it with antioxidants from the blueberry extract, which fight free radicals, removing signs of premature aging. It also keeps inflammation and discoloration at bay. Hyaluronic acid acts as a strong hydrating agent, and AHA works its magic by gently exfoliating the skin. It also has powerful micro suds, which work as micro-foaming bubbles that remove impurities from the skin and leave it squeaky clean. You will have your skin ready to soak up the next product in your routine.

Banana Souffle Moisture Cream

A lightweight cream that replenishes the skin and hydrates it. This one is good for all skin types and will leave your skin smooth and fresh. Its star ingredient, banana extracts, has potassium and magnesium, which work wonders on the body and skin. Magnesium calms down irritated skin and keeps skin calm. It also has extracts from Centella Asiatica, which heals damaged and irritated skin. Turmeric in this cream fights free radicles and infection with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This Souffle Cream is excellent for sensitive skin individuals as it is non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic.

Pineapple C-Bright Serum

Glass skin is the definition of skin with a translucent and bright complexion that allows light to reflect it. This product is ideal for that goal. It makes skin even and glossy, thus giving it a glass-like finish. Pineapple extract has natural bromelain enzyme, AHA, and vitamin C. Both brighten the skin and reduce spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. The hyaluronic acid hydrates skin, Vitamin C fight damage and heals from within. It has 3-o ethyl ascorbic acid that brightens the skin and removes premature aging.

To Conclude!

Glow Recipe has all the guns in their kitty to give you the ultimate gloss finish skin. Using natural ingredients, they harness their powerful skin-friendly enzymes and properties to create products that will leave you thrilled at your newfound skin. The best part is that they even take time to listen to consumer feedback and alter their formula to give their loyal fans the best products. You may want just one, or you may want the entire range, whichever it is. These Glow Recipe secrets are here to make your skin fresh, shiny, and glass-like.    

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