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Korean Startup Becon’s Scalp Scanner

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Tackle the problem of hair loss head-on and track your scalp meticulously with Scalp Scanner from Becon to identify the root cause and possibly slow the hair loss process!

Imagine the horror! You washed your luscious mane, only to discover that there was more hair on the towel than you expected. Both men and women face hair loss in life at some point. It’s embarrassing, and balding heads aren’t socially acceptable. Not only is hair neglected, but so is the overall health of the scalp, which leads to a variety of hair-related issues. Becon’s scalp scanner is a one-stop solution for all scalp-related issues. It scans the scalp for problems and, after processing the data with various algorithms, provides the best solution to those problems. 

Becon Team (Photo from Samsung C-Lab Page)

While there are no more products from Becon, the C-lab at Samsung has some new products on the way, which will be discussed later in this article. Following a scanning schedule, the app also gives an update on the next steps to the end-user.  

About Becon’s Scalp Scanner  

The scanner, created by a startup called Becon, was the brainchild of the company’s CEO, Minsuk Park, who was looking for a solution to his hair problems. The team behind it, which is part of Samsung’s C-Lab, wants to put the power of healthy hair in the hands of every individual. They make the device up of two parts: a palm-sized device that scans the scalp and an app that can be downloaded on any Android device to receive information. They base it on the idea of bringing scalp care into the home and avoiding awkward trips to the hairdresser. The Becon Scalp Scanner includes a powerful camera with an 80X magnification. 

A set of codes is used to determine the health of hair, and it even has a CMOS. It can also read the water content of the hair along with the temperature and can measure organic compounds in the hair. The information then flows to the app, and it churns out a curated hair regime.

What Does It Do? 

It is extremely simple to use and does not require the help of a specialist. The Becon is a hand-held device that connects to the App on one’s phone via Wi-Fi. You can run the scanner through a small section of the scalp. The scanner, which was powered by artificial intelligence, scanned information for temperature, humidity, and scalp skin health. An algorithm divides the reading into ten components, which include scent, sensitivity, texture, density, follicle count, and others. 

The app then creates a collection of hair products with ingredients tailored to the condition of the hair. Options range from 60 ingredients to various hair-care attributes. Becon tells you if your hair needs an oil, shampoo, or serum with its specific components. Scheduled re-scans are complete once you use these products to register the progress of hair.  

Other C-Lab Products 

So far, this startup’s only product is the Becon scalp scanner. While other companies have undoubtedly developed this concept, they are not as practical as the Becon scanner. Samsung C-Lab undoubtedly has much more to offer. The lab uses sharp minds and innovative technology for making life more comfortable for its consumers. From bringing actual sunlight into dimly lit homes with Sunnyside in the bath to measuring ultraviolet rays with Ultra-Violet, there is something for everyone. 

Wrapping Up! 

The Becon scalp scanner is without a doubt a revolutionary product that will benefit many people. The stress that came with not knowing what to do about receding hair has now subsided. All you need is a small device and a smartphone, as well as good Wi-Fi. Though they have not yet released it to the public, they expect sales to begin soon and will undoubtedly be a success. Keep an eye out for news of the miraculous hair fall solution and get it as soon as it hits the shelves.  

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