K-Innovation Reaches New Heights as Samsung Unveils New Products that Keep Clothes and Shoes Clean Without Washing

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Samsung Bespoke AirDresser and ShoeDresser cabinets will help you eliminate bad odors, viruses, and bacteria from your clothes and shoes.

When we think of the term “innovation,” we think of South Korea. The country that used to be a backward, agrarian economy under Japanese imperial rule at the beginning of the 20th century ended that century as one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies, driven by a keen focus on investing in South Korea’s research & development facilities and embracing technology as the country’s future. 

South Korea’s commitment to constant and consistent innovation has allowed them to top multiple Innovation Indices, including being ranked #1 on Bloomberg’s Innovation Index five years in a row, from 2014 to 2019. All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without the participation of the chaebols that have led Korean Innovation from the frontlines, and no company is more synonymous with Korean Innovation than Samsung.

The tech giant has rapidly diversified since starting life as a humble agricultural concern in 1938 and has recently launched two products as part of its Samsung BESPOKE line that holds immense promise in the world of sustainability and fashion; the Samsung AirDresser and ShoeDresser.

Samsung’s Humble Beginnings and their Rapid Innovation-Fueled Rise to Global Prominence

Lee Byung-chull, the founder of the modern Samsung Group, started the organization as a small trading company in Japan-ruled Korea in the year 1938. Samsung started out with 40 employees and dealt mainly with consumption goods like dried fish and locally produced vegetables and noodles in Su-Dong (modern-day Ingyo-Dong). 

Thereon the company prospered, so much so that Lee shifted the company’s operations to Seoul, the economic heart of present South Korea. Over the course of the next two decades, Samsung massively diversified its interests, entering the retail market, offering insurance and securities services, and establishing the largest woolen mill in the country as of 1954. But it wasn’t till the 1960s that Samsung would find its true calling.

1962 marked a major turning point in South Korea’s history. It saw the implementation of the first Five Year Plan, kicking off a string of economic reforms that transformed South Korea into a developed country. By the time the Second Five Year Plan was coming to its end, Samsung had diversified into an industry that will define its legacy; Samsung had ventured into the world of technology with Samsung Electronics in 1969. Thereafter they became the torch-bearer for Korean Innovation in the world of technology, becoming the 2ndlargest manufacturer of computer chips (only behind Intel) by 1992, becoming the world leader in television sales, and pioneering the home appliance industry for well over two decades. 

Today, Samsung is a cornerstone of South Korea, accounting for a fifth of the country’s total exports and being one of the most recognizable names in the world of electronics, technology, and innovation.

Water: Why is it a Point of Contention?

When we think of cleaning anything, the first instinct is to wash it with water. It makes sense, right? The strength of the water flow gets rid of any persistent particles on your dinner plate, clothes, or your face. And while it doesn’t cause cumulative damage to two of those things, it does to one of them. That’s clothes. 

Subjecting any piece of cloth to a wash frequently makes it much harder to preserve its look or feel. Clothes fade, expand, contract, and generally lose their appeal after being washed over and over again. This is one of the reasons for the boom in fashion consumerism; when clothes don’t retain their appeal for too long, how can we even expect people to keep wearing them? 

With a focus on sustainability in today’s world where depletion of Earth’s natural resources is a major cause of concern, saving water is absolutely critical. There may very soon come a time when we run out of this precious resource and conserving it while we still can is important. But again‚Ķ how do you maintain hygiene without using water?

Well, Samsung has come up with the answer to these two pertinent questions.

Samsung’s Latest Innovation: Cleanliness without Water

BESPOKE is Samsung’s most recent venture that focuses on one thing: the consumer. With this line of products, customers can customize the appliances they purchase, all part of Samsung’s community effort to help homemakers tailor their home’s aesthetic to their personal sensibilities. 

However, Samsung just took that precedent to the next level with the recent additions to the line. The BESPOKE AirDresser and ShoeDresser are smart cabinets with in-built sanitary and deodorant capabilities that will clean, dry, and freshen up your clothes and shoes, removing any sign of general wear and tear- all without running them under the tap. 

Samsung Bespoke AirDresser

The AirDresser has made keeping those wrinkles and bad odors away as simple as the tap of a button. Once you begin the cycle, your garment will go through a 4-phase process of cleaning. First, the AirDresser’s JetSteam infuses the garment with heat deep enough to remove 99.9% of pollutants like bacteria, viruses, house mites, and odor-producing gases. Then it is subjected to a powerful stream of air, courtesy of its Jet Air and Air Hangers, that knock any minute dust particles off your garment. 

It is then introduced to the HeatPump that dries the garment at low temperatures to prevent any risk of shrinkage or damage. And lastly, the garment is passed through the Deodorizing Filter that removes any vestiges of unpleasant odors and keeps the inside of the AirDresser fresh as well. Once the entire grooming process is over, the Self-Clean technology of the AirDresser dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes its interior to make sure your clothes stay refreshed! 

Samsung Bespoke ShoeDresser

The ShoeDresser is based on the same technology used in the AirDresser; it only swaps out the heat treatment for UV Rays. The ShoeDresser makes use of a Xenon UVC Lamp on its upper deck to kill pollutants on your shoes, while the HeatPump dries it out at low temperatures and the UV Deodorizing Filter gets rid of any unpleasant odors clings to your footwear.

Both products come with AI-powered capabilities as well, as they are connected to Samsung’s IoT platform SmartThings and help you customize the function of your smart cabinet based on the fabrics and materials of your belonging and even sends you smart alerts notifying you of damages & cleaning updates. Their aim is simple; they try to keep your products gently groomed at all times, so you don’t have to part ways with them after a few uses.

A Revolution in the Way We Clean

Samsung has led the vanguard of K-Innovation for decades now, and these smart cabinets are a testament to that. They are a product of their time, a time that calls for innovation to become greener. A time that necessitates zero waste. With the AirDresser and the ShoeDresser, Samsung seeks to solve the riddle of keeping apparel fresh enough so users can get the most value for their money; and also, it keeps them from constantly having to buy clothes. And that is always a good thing. 

Samsung AirDresser: Website | Amazon

Samsung ShoeDresser: Releasing in the second half of 2021

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