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Korean Candies Available on Amazon for your Sweet Tooth

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korean candies from amazon

Korean candies have a long history as a convenient treat available in many varieties. They come in a wide variety of textures, ranging from soft and chewy to hard and brittle. The type of candy depends on the ingredients, sugar content, size of sugar crystals, temperature, color, and even the type of sugar used.

You can enjoy them as a sweet treat, or you can give them as a gift to your friends on any occasion! And if you have a friend who is missing their homeland, these make for an excellent gift of nostalgia.

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Here is our compilation of some of the best Korean candies you can buy from Amazon easily.

Hard Candy

Lotte Cheongpodo White Grape Candy

Candy with a fruity grape flavor. It has a strong flavor but not very overpowering.

Korean Red Ginseng Candy

It has a smooth taste of Korean Red Ginseng in individually wrapped candies. Although the ginseng is bitter, it pairs well with the sweetness of the candy !

Mammos Friend Cola Candy

A candy that tastes like a solid piece of cola!

korean candies

Gummy Candy

Korean Chewy Fruit Snack Gummy Variety – Strawberry, Grape, Apple

These are not only candies but a perfect mid-afternoon snack! There are three different flavors giving you options to choose from depending on your mood.

korean candies

Orion My Gummy Jelly

Classic fruit-flavored gummy candy – grape, strawberry, and peach.

korean candies

Orion Iciou Super Sour Chewing Soft Candy Green Apple Flavor

A super-soft chewy Korean candy in green apple flavor.

korean candies

Suckers & Lollipops

Lotte Lollipop Iced Assorted Candy

Lollipops that tastes like real ice cream.

korean candies

Unican Milkita Assorted Milk Lollipop

Its an assorted collection of soft lollipop candy in different flavors that include banana, strawberry, melon, and chocolate.

korean candies

Chewing & Bubble Gum

Lotte – Black Black Chewing Gum

Its a clean mint gum with high cooling sensation!

korean candies

Lotte Xylitol Original Chewing Gum

Jelly Beans & Gummy Candy

Korean Grape and Peach Flavored Chewy Sweet and Sour Candy

It’s a popular Korean chewy candy that comes in two flavors – grape and peach. The candies are enriched with Vitamin C that’ll boost your immunity!

korean candies

Korean Sweet and Sour Assorted Flavoured Chewy Candy

Its a popular Korean chewy candy with a sweet and sour flavor. It is enriched with vitamin C and comes in four assorted flavors – strawberry, lemonade, peach, and grape.

korean candies

Brittle, Caramel & Toffee

Lotte Soft Malang Cow Fresh Grade Milk & Strawberry Chewy Candy

This Korean candy’s addictive sweetness is beyond explanation with its milky and strawberry flavor. It is made with an air mixing technique which makes it soft and fluffy.

Ilkwang Peanut Caramel Candy

This candy has a delicious peanut caramel flavor. Each candy is individually wrapped and you can share it with your friends easily.

Which is your favorite Korean candy? Let us know in the comments!

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