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What Are the Most Popular Korean Smartwatch Brands?

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Samsung and LG are the two leading Korean smartwatch brands that make some of the best wearables in the world with trendy designs and amazing features.

South Korea has major electronic brands that operate on a global level. Korean giants produce varieties of products, and one of them is smartwatches. The Smartwatch market is a competitive place with many companies, small and large, taking a chance on creating a smartwatch that can take their brand to a new level. 

Here are the two leading Korean smartwatch brands that are popular amongst users all across the world.  

Samsung Smartwatch

There is no doubt that Samsung is one of the most popular producers of consumer electronics. They have been thriving in the industry for a long time by making top-of-the-class electronics. Their smartphones are the most popular products among all the types of products they sell. However, Samsung smartwatches are following the path of becoming the number one choice for android smartwatches.

The Galaxy Watch series for Android is equivalent to Apple watches for iOS. All Samsung Galaxy watches provide amazing features and design that goes well with your Galaxy smartphones or any other flagships. Moreover, the Samsung smartwatch has many sensors, which can be helpful for consumers.

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The latest Samsung smartwatch, “Galaxy Watch 4,” has an optical heart rate and electrical heart sensor. In addition, it is also rocking the WearOS from Google and not TizenOS, which is available in older Galaxy Watches. The Galaxy Watch 4 comes in two sizes, one is 40mm and the other is 44mm. It has a circular case with a slim design. If you want the best smartwatch experience on Android, then you will not go wrong with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. 

LG Smartwatch

From K-pop to Korean barbecue, South Korea has produced many things that make the world a better place. We can say the same about the electronics from South Korea and LG smartwatches, and they are some of the best out there. Although LG is nowhere near Samsung and Apple, LG smartwatches are still worth checking out.

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LG Korean smartwatch comes in all shapes and sizes; however, it focuses more on high-end luxurious products. The LG Watch Style is an astonishing-looking smartwatch that is for the people who go for aesthetics. Its luxurious visuals will make you think that it must be worth a lot, but fortunately, it is reasonably priced. Similarly, there are plenty of LG smartwatches you can get if you want a smartwatch for casual wear or office wear. Moreover, there are LG smartwatches for running like the Watch Sports AT&T. 


There are tons of third-party Korean companies that make smartwatches that are manufactured in China. We are not including those companies here. All the Korean companies in this article manufacture smartwatches in Korea and solely distribute them in the name of their respected Korean brand. 

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