Oview Multi-Device: A Respiratory Diagnostic Device by Korean Startup Intin

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Oview Multi-Device is a total respiratory healthcare system from a Korean startup Intin that you can use to monitor your health from your home.

Oview has many promising features that can potentially change the way we deal with respiratory issues for the better. 

During the covid 19 pandemic, where frontline healthcare workers pushed through the devastating period, the global healthcare system worldwide was on the brink of collapse. However, these situations spark ideas in many companies, including the Korean startup Intin. Hence, they created Oview multi-device, a respiratory diagnosis and treatment.

Intin Overview

Intin was awarded the CES 2022 “Innovation Award” for their device Oview multi-device. Most of you are familiar with CES and its influence on the tech market. It is held annually in the USA. CES announced the Innovation awards honorees for CES 2020 on November 10th, 2021. Oview multi-device is praised for its advanced engineering healthcare technology and design. So what exactly is Oview multi-device? Let’s find out about it in this article.

Intin is planning to enter the massive market of the United States. They prefer the United states because healthcare expenses are costly and take time. In case of an emergency regarding anyone’s respiratory system, consumers can rely on this award-winning Oview multi Device. 

Long-term treatment can be needed for respiratory issues, and patients can save up a lot of time and start the treatment immediately at home. There are other reasons like the patients may not want to travel far and pay hundreds of dollars for the treatment. 

Intin is focusing on American insurance companies to execute their marketing plans. Supplying Oview multi-device to insurance companies can significantly lower the insurance fee. On top of that, the medical cost that insurance company bears will also reduce. 

What is Oview Multi-Device?

Oview multi-device is a respiratory diagnosis and treatment system at home. In addition, you can get information regarding your diagnosis, which helps doctors understand your condition. Besides diagnosing your respiratory ailments, Oview multi-device also enables you to get proper treatments. 

Consumers will get to experience a one-stop-shop treatment system for managing respiratory problems. In addition, you get multiple therapy modules such as thermometers, nebulizers, and a communication unit. Oview multi-device also has an air monitor that shows the air quality and room temperature. 
It is an effortless and straightforward device that directly diagnoses and gives doctor prescriptions through the mobile app. After that, you can proceed to the treatment process. Usually, respiratory treatments happen in otolaryngology departments, and it consists of various measurements, including temperature, respiratory rate, and nasal condition. 

After that, you will get the diagnosis and receive a legitimate doctor’s prescription. These prescriptions that you receive from respiratory diagnosis involve many treatments that involve performing nasal inhalation, use a nebulizer that vaporizes medications for patients who have a weak respiratory system. After that, use a multi-nose cleaner that sprays medical substances that quickly clean your nose by disinfecting the area and removing the mucus. 

You can do all these treatments at the convenience of your home. It’s hard to visit healthcare facilities when you have other important things to do. You have to make sacrifices for the well-being of yourself and your loved ones. Oview multi-devices eliminate the burden of driving to hospitals and other healthcare centers.

Each diagnosis and treatment can be done by switching the module in the device. Use the appropriate module for the treatments and avoid any harmful consequences. All the data and information regarding your diagnosis will be sent to the hospital via the app. After that, experts and doctors will revert via the same app. You will receive prescriptions from doctors, and you can follow them. 


Intin continuously expanded its territory in the US market and provided the Oview multi-device to many households and insurance companies. This will significantly improve the well-being of hundreds of thousands of people due to easy access to digital health products like Oview. The product is grabbing the attention of the global market. With a CES innovation award to back it up, Oview multi-device is certainly a reliable and promising digital health device.  

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