Petner – A Pet Sitting Korean Startup Service

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It is not every day that you would leave your dogs at home. Sometimes you might have to go away for a couple of days, and looking after your dog when you are away is tough. You can always hire a pet sitter to do the job for you, but how can you trust the person with your pets? And where to hire the best people to look after your pawed pals when you are away. Fret not. Your pet partner, a Korean startup – Petner – is here to help you. 

Petner – A Perfect Pet Sitting Solution

One of the many concerns while hiring a pet sitter would be the person’s compatibility with the dog. Even if you hire a sitter, you will be, and you will constantly worry about your pets. As a solution to all the problems, Petner provides pet sitting services that are mindful of the pets and the pet-parents. The website matches the pet parents with sitters to take it forward. The service also includes photo updates, a 24-hour emergency hotline, etc. The sitters give you a timely update of your pet’s well-being through photos. You can hire them if you own cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles.

Choi Galim, a pet-lover and a former veterinarian is the founder of Petner. This Korean-based company has been providing the best services for pets. You can register yourselves as a sitter if you have the required qualification or find the best sitters for your pets. The website has a team full of trained vets. Now, who’s better than a team full of a veterinarian to look after your dog? Not just that, you can get personalized services for your pets. The website only allows professional vets or vets students to register themselves as sitters. They are also compatible with pets with some conditions. Since you only get vet school students or veterinarians as sitters, it is easy to trust them with your pet’s medications.

Services by Petner

Petner offers dog walking, pet sitting, and pet boarding services. If you opt for pet boarding services, the sitter will take your pet to their residence and take care of it while you are away. They provide professional health care checkup Services for your pets as well. You can get a sitter easily if you live in Seoul. But for people living outside of Seoul, Petner provides sitters near the vet school or a Petner’s residence. They are also trying to expand the services to more regions.

Petner has strict guidelines on who they hire as pet sitters. Every interested pet sitter has to go through a series of verification and interview processes. This procedure makes sure that the sitter is compatible based on the answers they give on the interviews. Petner conducts a test for the registered sitters to ensure that they have read the manual thoroughly to let them on the website. They filter out the best candidates who are friendly with pets and know their way around different pets. Only when a person completes the process successfully will they be matched with a pet and then sent for the service.

You can even trust them utterly if you have plans for going away for an entire week. You just need to specify your requirements to them and consider it done. They take off everything from your pet’s routine, food, playtime, treats, and medications if, any. 

The Verdict

If you still worry about how the pet and the sitter will get along, read the complete selection process for the pet sitter from the website. Petner provides a manual to the sitters to provide professional services. This way, both the pets and pet-parents are happy. Your pet partner- Petner is at your service, contact them right away and get professional pet sitting services for your cute monsters.  

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