17 Best Ways to Learn the Korean Language

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South Korea is fast gaining popularity as a country, and it has its beauty products, pop culture, and scenic beauty to thank for. While people crave everything from this small nation, few understand their language. This language has a sound of its own, and most people outside the country only understand words they see translated in the subtitles on the television. Whether you are a fan of their music or just wish to flaunt a new language, Korean is fun and exciting to learn. Check out all the ways you can learn the Korean language, including books, websites, apps, or even one-on-one tutors.

How To Learn a Language?

The world now lives off the internet, and this is the first place you should also start looking for anything new. There is a wealth of information to be accessed there. Try to find out websites that offer online courses for learning Korean. You can then move on to books, support groups, or mobile apps.

Hangul SyllableDiagram

First, understand the basics of any language. Jog your memory and try to recollect what your class teacher would say. The primary directive in middle school was to write as you learn. The same goes for learning a language. Write everything as the brain recollects the written material faster. Like English, Korean also has alphabets but is named Hangul. They come across as easy to grasp, and you can master them in a matter of a day. Some quick learner even gets them in hours. To find resources that would teach you the language, end to end, look at the below options:

Books to Learn The Korean Langugage

Even though this is the digital age, learning from a book never gets old. The feel of holding a new book and creating memories from it is an exercise for the mind and the heart. Some books to consider for learning Korean are:

Open books stacked

1. Talk to me in Korean

Talk to me in Korean is a collection of books. You can find them worldwide, and it offers material for beginners to experts. You can also get reading and grammar-related books in this collection. They make writing and explanation very relatable to everyday life. You can find these books online as well, and some of their classes are available on YouTube. This is one of the best materials out there to learn Korean.

2. Integrated Korean

These books are ideal if you stand at the beginning of the learning curve. The textbook explains everything about Korean, and it even comes with a workbook. However, it is advisable to use this book only if you are a part of a support group or have someone who knows the language. This is because the workbook or textbook does not answer the questions. Hence, you will never know if you wrote the correct one. However, these books are the best to establish the language basics. They make them from the level of beginners to experts. 

3. University Books

University books is the widest range of collection mentioned in this article. You can find these in the library of many universities. However, if you wish to buy them online, then go for the ones from Yonsei or Seoul National University. Every textbook comes with a unique style of writing. Some focus more on the learning part, while others allow you to practice and give real-life examples. You must read reviews before your buy these as getting the right one is essential. 

Learn Korean Langugage from Websites

There are many websites from which you can learn any language. Some offer a limited course or a preview for free and then charge money. However, if you wish to learn the language thoroughly, then go for a paid course that comes with an interactive session, tutor support, and preferably a support group. These minor points will help you keep the session communicative, and there is no better way to learn a language than to practice it. Some websites to consider are as below:

4. FluentU

This is a paid platform and charges around 20 dollars a month. This platform relies on videos to incorporate pictographic teaching methods. This website will not teach you the very basics of the language, but they focus more on the communicative aspect of it. If you like learning through videos, then this is the place for you. 

learn korean language

5. 90 Day Korean

If you want to learn communicative Korean in a short period, then this is the place to check out. 90 Day Korean promises to teach you enough Korean so that you can make a fluent three-minute conversation in this language. They incorporate the 80/20 concept of learning. It allows the students to grasp 20% of words which will come in handy in 80% of their conversation. This is ideal for beginners and also for experts. 

6. Udemy

Get your hands on thousands of topics and various levels at the Udemy app or website. They teach everything under the sun, and this includes languages. You will find courses for the Korean language varying as per their level. Select the one you wish to take and learn on. 

7. Duolingo

Duolingo is a quiz-based learning platform. The educators here are proficient in their subject and have expertise in Korean grammar and vocabulary. However, as the focus here is to master the language, you may need to venture onto this site only after getting the basics of the language clear. This is an ideal place to practice and provides learning stimulation through the concept of a leader board and games.

8. Rocket Languages / Korean

Once you show interest in learning a language and master its art, there is no stopping. If you are a language addict and would want to learn over one, then goes for the Rocket Korean website. This is a subsection of the Rocket group and provides lifetime access to its offerings with one payment. Learning on this platform revolves around your listening skills as they teach via conversations. This is an ideal place for beginners and mid-level students. 

9. Glossika

This website incorporates the power of artificial intelligence, which communicates with its users. They believe in repetition as the key to memory and teach five sentences per round of study. These sentences then get repeated, and at the end, the student must record the same sentence over their microphone. This place is beneficial in learning vocabulary and sentence structure. 

10. Korean Class 101

Are you looking for a free course that could help you sharpen your Korean listening skills? Korean Class 101 is the right choice for you. They offer a lot of free courses, which comprise audio files or podcasts. Listening to them helps your vocabulary as well as focusing power. If you need a tutor, then the website asks for a minimal sum of money. 

11. Coursera

Coursera is a famous website and app which offers many courses with certifications affiliated with some universities. Most of their non-certificate courses come without a cost. The course structure follows a university curriculum, and they make sure the tutors also come from well-known colleges. Go for a course that comes with a good rating, and you will not end up disappointed.

12. Memrise

If you wish to sharpen your memory and your vocabulary in Korean, then Memrise is the place for you. This website and app use the flashcard method to impart knowledge. You can custom create your sheet and keep learning unfamiliar words. Always use this method of learning to focus on basic concepts and grammar. The course is free for beginners. But if you wish to take an advanced level class, then they charge some fee.

13. How to study Korean

This is the most lucrative option to learn Korean available online. It is a free website where you get workbooks, lessons, and many other work materials to learn Korean. You get over 150 lessons ranging from 30 minutes to over an hour. They teach all levels and incorporate audio files for improving pronunciation. You should use this from the beginning of your learning journey and practice regularly. 

learn korean language

14. YouTube

Everyone knows this website and app. The material to study here comes mixed, and you need to find the right content that suits your learning style. However, you could watch music videos and series here to sharpen your relatability to the language and improve pronunciation. Select from the channels and go through as many as possible to pick something of your liking. 


This content is like the books they offer. However, some people prefer studying online, so Talk to Me in Korean brings you their online version as well. They offer detailed lessons and multiple practice workbooks here. You get quizzes and asks to increase your language skills as well. The vastness of the content is the largest when you compare it with other pages. Their premium platform is not very expensive, and you could try it once you master the ground rules of Korean. 

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One-on-One Tutor

Some people like the idea of studying under the guidance of a tutor. While many of the above options allow you to hire a tutor at an extra price, some websites offer tutors for direct learning. Try the ones mentioned below to learn the Korean language if you want to become a proper student.

Tutoring Center (3349979270)

16. Sayspeaking

The lessons on this platform come from an experienced teacher and work on the‚Äďon one model. These tutors come with experience and know-how to make students understand the nuances of a language. Sayspeaking focuses on the speaking part of Korean. This platform even provides special teachers to help you clear the KIIP test, which is for Immigration. Once you know the basics of the course, take this program if you wish to migrate to Korea. This portal may seem expensive, but it is worth the price.¬†

17. Italki

With many native teachers who focus on various aspects of the language. You should take up a trial class to understand your current knowledge of the language. This class will help you in selecting the right tutor and enhance your ability. Tray out this portal even if you fall in the beginner‚Äôs category. 

In The End!

No matter which method you choose, you need to stay dedicated and study with focus. You should practice with like-minded people and other students in a community. If you do not find someone in person then, look for people on Facebook and other social media websites, which will help you master this skill. Learn this new language and feel closer to the beautiful Korean culture. 

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