Meta Trade Daegu – A New Way to Showcase Products in Korea

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Meta Trade Daegu is an online multi-functional metaverse-based exhibition where businesses can showcase their products in a new way!

Our world is revolutionizing digitally with the emergence of virtual reality. Technology is rapidly evolving and today is all about the innovative business models of the new Meta Trade Daegu. However, to understand about it you need to be familiar with the term “metaverse”.

What is Metaverse?

The metaverse is an online computing platform that provides internet-based experiences as an alternative to the real world. We can also say that it is an alternative to the real world since everything takes place in a digital space. 

This spatial online platform has a real-world-like system in terms of currency, trade, economy, social interactions, and property ownership. In addition, these aspects are also the foundation of blockchain technology.

Metaverse is a 3-dimensional world that can be accessed by any modern internet-compatible device. Metaverse allows its users to interact and experience a massive digital space. This space will have a proper structure and an ecosystem of online applications.

Meta Trade Daegu

Meta Trade Daegu is a metaverse platform that tackles the business aspects of this online world. It is developed by multiple local governments in South Korea such as the Ministry of SMEs, Daegu City, Korean Technology & Information Promotion Agency for SMEs, and Daegu Technopark. The company is based in Nam-gu, Daegu, South Korea, and its CEO is Jason Paek.

What it offers?

This online computing platform provides businesses to introduce new products in a unique and innovative way. Moreover, it also allows interactive communication with clients and conducts trade. This 3D world has a robust 1:1 room for meetings and a 3D product display feature. In addition, it also has a translator integrated with trade professional services.

The 3D product display ability of Meta Trade Daegu has many benefits. For starters, it creates an engaging environment of buying and selling. Customers can witness the product come to life and assess it as if it is real. Virtual reality technology allows you to see a product from all angles and interact with it. As a result, the shopping experience becomes more enjoyable and intuitive.

Meta Trade Daegu also offers many professional services to its users. These services are for trade practices that one would find useful. It has a translator that translates the information into your language. Moreover, Meta Trade Daegu also has trade professionals who facilitate suitable services to ensure you have a smooth transaction. 

It has partnered with MOU/NDA systems for payment and purchasing contract services. MOU/NDA system is a reliable payment method with proper security that keeps your information confidential. 

Apart from the robust payment system, it also comes with an AI-based matching service. This service is beneficial for people who are looking for matching potential clients from all over the world. This service has an excellent AI-based matching algorithm that matches you perfectly with suitable clients. As a result, the chances of making a deal with a client become very likely. Your success rate in a business deal will increase with this feature. In conclusion, this feature expands your business reach and helps you find customers. 

Meta Trade Daegu is a virtual platform that eliminates the need for the physical implementation of business to some extent. As a result, it will reduce the carbon footprint of many companies that didn’t have any other choice. Thanks to the environmentally friendly approach of Meta Trade Daegu, there is a contribution of a sustainable future system.

Physical transportation is drastically decreased, resulting in low emissions. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also reduces the company’s time and expense on various aspects of the business.


Meta Trade Daegu has the potential to revolutionize South Korea and the rest of the world. This online platform offers innovative features for business and trading. From private 1:1 room meetings to AI-based matchmaking service, this platform is going to provide tons of opportunities to new upcoming businesses. 

Every existing company can also try out Meta Trade Daegu. It will provide many benefits to new and already existing companies worldwide. It has the tools and resources for businesses to succeed in a challenging and evolving market. 

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