Korean Startup Purrit’s PurrAir – A Filterless Odor Killer

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PurrAir by Purrit, a Korean startup, is a powerful, portable, and filterless mini air purifier and odor killer that you can take anywhere with you!

If you have a foul odor at your house due to pets, check out Purrair by Purrit. It is a filter-less odor killer that purifies your home by eliminating the bad smell. 

It ionizes air particles and removes all harmful substances in the air without giving any side effects to you and your pets. 

About Purrit

Purrit is a Korean startup company, and they started the development of PurrAir in 2020. They plan to turn their prototype into final products and sell them in the United States, Russia, and Japan. However, the company is currently struggling with logistics due to the shipping crisis. 

Purrit applied for the trademark registration for PurrAir in Feb 2021. Although it is focused on households with pets, it can be used anywhere as an odor killer. As of December 2021, the company has raised over 300,000 USD funds with 2798 backers on Kickstarter

What is PurrAir by Purrit?

Many households have a problem with foul odors, and it makes the life of people living inside of it difficult. If your home hasn’t been cleaned for a while, then there is a chance of a foul smell going on around the house. People who occasionally visit and come to your house for the first time can tell how much of an abnormal odor comes off from the air. This is why PurrAir is here to solve all those problems. 

PurrAir by Purrit is a tiny air purifying device that cleans and eliminates foul odor from your house. As the name suggests, it does not only purify the air; it also combats odors effectively and efficiently. 

Their plenty of air purifiers on the market; however, this one comes with distinctive features and designs. For starters, it is portable, and you can put it on almost all small corners of your house. PurrAir is different and comes with its magic. Above all, it is here to compete strongly with other bigger and fully featured air purifiers.

purrair by purrit

One of the main features of the Korean startup company Purrit’s PurrAir is its strong deodorization capabilities. PurrAir will purify and deodorize the air by eliminating all the harmful floating substances from pets. Normal periodic sprays may eliminate pets’ foul odor, but they don’t last for an extended period. After a few minutes, the rancid smell comes back again; that is not the case with PurrAir.

PurrAir works silently because it purifies your room without making any noise. Part of that is because of its tiny structure and the embedded fan that runs at 8500 rpm. The fan does not produce any audible sound, and the performance of this soundless device is lovely. It is a compatible pet and children who are sensitive to noise.

purrair by purrit

PurrAir by Purrit is a one-time investment device without any hidden costs and additional fees. In addition, the filters in PurrAir are non-replaceable because the whole unit is permanent. On top of that, it is a lot cheaper than its competitors. 

A chargeable battery powers the compact size of PurrAir. You can quickly charge the device using the USB C port at the back. With a long battery life (2600 mAh) and its portability, you can keep it in your bag and take it anywhere. Whether your office room or your bedroom, you can put the PurrAir and wait for its magic to happen.

The battery indicator is shown with an LED indicator, and you can expect 20 hours of usage from this device. Moreover, the charging time takes about 2.6 hours. You can operate PurrAir using the touch interface, and there is also a boost mode to enhance the purifying effect.

The compact size of the PurrAir also comes with its distinctive feature: the ability to clean hidden corners. For instance, there are many places in your house like shop cupboards and pantries where PurrAir can easily fit in and purify the air. In addition, The magnetic installation can give you the ability to put it on the wall.

When it comes to the design of PurrAir, it is simple and minimal. The minimal aesthetic of the exterior will blend in with almost all types of household decorations. On top of that, it comes with six different color options.


Get a PurrAir and get rid of all foul odor in your house. The device is easy to install and very effective. The cost of PurrAir will also not cost you a lot, and in return, it will give you a lot of value. 

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