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Have You Tried Chal-tteok Ice? A Spicy Tteokbokki Ice Cream By Lotte

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When it comes to pushing boundaries in flavors of sweets and ice creams, Lotte Confectionery simply tops the charts. And the latest flavor – the Chal-tteok Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki – matches up to that claim! It is adventurous and something for those curious enough to try. If you aren’t familiar with Korean cuisine, tteokbokki is a Korean spicy rice cake. Now, imagine that into ice cream, a tteokbokki ice cream from Lotte. Do you dare to try?

tteokbokki ice cream Lotte

Tteokbokki – Korean Spicy Rice Cakes

A normal tteokbokki (떡볶이) dish preparation involves boiled eggs, scallions, and fish cakes. Typically, it is made with garae-tteok (가래떡), cylinder shaped rice cakes, and eomuk (어묵), fish cakes, in a gochujang sauce (고추장), fermented red chili paste.

Chal-tteok Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki Ice Cream

This ice cream from Lotte Confectionery comes with spicy flavors thanks to the jalapeño flavored orange glutinous rice flour wrapper. It is paired with cheddar cheese ice cream that comes with spicy chips for the gochujang flavor and cookie crumbs. It’s a whole lot of flavors just like any Korean food dish. Texture-wise, it is sticky like the rice cake and overall, there is harmony on the palette. You are not left wondering about what is it that you are having.

It does not have the standard wrapper like the tteokbokki dish but a more flavorful one. It is certainly fun to eat with sticky rice cake texture and sweetness of ice cream.

Chal-tteok Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki Ice Cream is available in local supermarkets in South Korea. It will be available in limited numbers, 500,000 packages, for KRW 1,000 (around $0.99).

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