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Brand Focus: Veramore: An Aging Care K-Beauty Brand

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Veramore, a K-beauty skincare brand for women in their 30s who know how to cherish and express their own beauty without having to show off!

Today there are lots of different companies which offer complete solutions for aged skin. The demand for anti-aging treatments and products is skyrocketing, and after seeing this demand and hype, many companies have started to make such products, but there’s a big question, whom to trust? Due to the increase in demand, competition among producers has also increased, but the question remains the same. Whom can you trust? So, when it comes to making the best anti-aging K-beauty products, no K-beauty brand can be trusted more than Veramore. We can say that Veramore is built for anti-aging; every product this brand produces is designed to be perfect for aging care.

Veramore – a K-beauty skincare brand

Veramore is a K-beauty skincare brand from Korea for women in 30s and is created by the women in the same age group. While it’s not the age where effects of aging are visible, but it is the time when the early signs of aging start appearing.

Water free formulations

Veramore is a new and upcoming Korean skincare brand that focuses primarily on aging care. To achieve this, the company produces products without any water in them. The water in product formulations is replaced with an antioxidant base. The lack of water and the addition of the base with active ingredients makes the products more effective and helpful for the skin. All the ingredients in Veramore product formulations are 100% natural. Combining elements necessary for the skin with refined natural ingredients can create the best effect from the inside of the skin. 

Anti-aging components

Veramore products have also undergone clinical trials to showcase their effectiveness as aging care formulations by improving cholecystitis and providing antioxidant effects. All the products in the company’s portfolio are perfect for aging care so that you can get healthy and elastic skin. 

Veramore also has proprietary VERA-Formular and EXO-Some ingredients which are designed for early aging effects. All the ingredients are strictly tested to check their quality and safety.

Perfect for sensitive skins

Many of the products from Veramore are unscented. Even those who are allergic or have sensitive skin will be able to use Veramore products with confidence. 

Here are some of the top products by the K-beauty brand Veramore:

Rose Glowing Sun Serum

Rose Glowing Sun Serum is a part of Veramore’s anti-aging care. This serum contains effective anti-aging extracts which prevent and erase wrinkles to their best potential. So, if you want long-lasting wrinkle-free skin, this can be an essential purchase.

It contains 54% Damask rose water instead of simply using purified water for product formulation. The rose water extract contains about 550,000 ppm of antioxidants, making it a more effective base than water. It also contains ten hyaluronic acids that help maintain skin moisture. Unlike most other sun creams, it is not sticky or leaves a white cast.

veramore k-beauty brand

Veramore’s sun serum has high absorbing power, which leaves your skin non-sticky without any white residue on the skin. You get the best of everything – sun protection with rosy glowing skin! With its SPF50+ and PA+++ rating, you can add the best sun protection to your skincare routine with Rose Glowing Sun Serum. 

Rose and Tea Tree Daily Cleansing Pad

We are living in an era where the environment is filled with pollution and harmful chemicals sticking to our clothes, skin, and especially on our faces. To clean the face from all this dirt and grime, cleansing pads are a must-have cosmetic product for everyone. Cleansing pads are useful for removing makeup and sunscreens but also, light use of these pads on bare skin can effectively remove all the harmful particles from the skin’s surface.

Rose and Tea Tree Daily Cleansing Pads by Veramore are some of the best cleansing pads, as they contain about 65% of antioxidants. It also acts as a sunscreen remover and offers 99.54% effective sunscreen-removing power. It is also highly effective in removing lip tints. This cleansing pad can remove heavy makeup and skip the requirement of that 2nd face wash requirement. 

veramore k-beauty brand

The triple micellar solution in the cleansing pad absorbs makeup residue and moisturizes the face without worrying about moisture loss from the skin. In addition, eight antioxidant ingredients, such as tomato and spinach, take care of skin aging. It also contains 214,000 ppm of Centella Asiatica and tea tree leaf extract that strengthens the skin. Damask rose water, rich in vitamins, leaves only vitality and luster on the spot where makeup has been removed. 

The 100% vegan certified cleansing pad is also hypoallergenic and safe to use on all skin types. 

Veramore Glamour Vegan Lip Balm

Today, everything vegan is trending. When it comes to cosmetic products, vegan lip products, especially lip balms, are always in demand. Knowing this fact, K-beauty brands are focusing on increasing the production of vegan lip balms. But the question remains the same, which one is best among them? 

Veramore Glamour Vegan Lip Balm is completely vegan, and all the ingredients are EWG certified. They have passed the German Derma tests with an Excellent rating. Like other Veramore products, these lip balms contain rose extract, adding moisture to keep the lips plump and moist. It contains other natural ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil, macadamia seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, and camellia seed oil, which help provide the best levels of vitality and nutrition to the lips. All the minerals and vitamins in Veramore Lip Balm work together to give you shiny, plump, and soft lips. 

These Veramore lip balms are so healthy and smooth that anyone can apply them. Veramore also offers a variety of these lip balms, and they come in two shades: Rose and Clear.

Final Thoughts

Veramore is an emerging K-beauty brand in the Korean skincare industry with a small portfolio, but it is certainly making waves in the industry with its amazing formulations that are specially designed as anti-aging skincare solutions. 

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