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Yogiyo: Best Korean Delivery App to Get Amorepacific Products Online

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Get your favorite Amorepacific cosmetic beauty products delivered to you faster from local stores in Korea through Yogiyo, the popular food delivery app!

Shopping online is the new way of living. It is fast, convenient, and saves people from the rush of traffic. South Korea is one country that sees a drastic rise in people ordering things online. Korea’s food delivery app usage shot up drastically in 2019 over the previous two years. Not only food, but many apps also deliver daily utility needs and lifestyle products. The 2019 Pandemic played a role in familiarizing people with the importance of this type of purchasing. One delivery company that enjoys a large fan base in Korea is Yogiyo. Looking at the changing market dynamics, beauty and skincare giant Amorepacific got into a deal with Yogiyo for delivering its products. This article will look into the two brands and their future in the online delivery platform.


Yogiyo is a Korean-born food delivery app that allows people in Seoul to order their favorite meal. Its popularity is such that this app won the award from Google play as the best app in 2013. It gives you food delivery options and provides its customers with authentic reviews and functions to re-order their favorite meal. You even have a blogs section on the app where you know about the latest topics and discussions related to food and lifestyle. The parent company of Yogiyo is Delivery Hero, which itself came to life in 2008. While the parent company has roots in Berlin, they own many food delivery apps worldwide. Of late, Yogiyo also ventured into delivering daily need items as the demand grew during the pandemic. This move helped it establish more customers and increase profits.

The Partnership Between Amorepacific and Yogiyo

Amorepacific is a company that grows with time. Having understood the new purchasing behaviors of the customers, they have tied up with the delivery system of Yogiyo. Under this deal, the customers will gain access to products from Amorepacific and can order them through the Yogiyo app. Once the payment gets completed, the Yogiyo service system will pick up the products from the local beauty store and deliver them to the customer within an hour of placing the order. Aritaum is the name of the franchised drug store wing for Amorepacific. Under this deal, Yogiyo will cater to product display, marketing promotions, and delivery of products from Aritaum.

What Does the Future Hold?

Amorepacific wishes to gather a large customer base and gain more exposure through this deal. The company also wants to expand its presence and will gradually move to cities outside of Seoul. For Yogiyo, things also look positive. The Korean government asked the Delivery Hero to sell the group as per their Korea Fair Trade Commission policy. This commission looks at the major players in the market and tracks their monopoly and market share. It allows other players to gain a fair share and carry out successful business transactions. GS retail from Korea and Permira from Britain are under discussion for the acquisition; however, nothing has become concrete yet.  

In The End!

With work-life balance taking a toll on many people, they now want to spend lesser time shopping and more with family or work. Online delivery systems benefit people with their one-touch action and fast services. With this new deal, Amorepacific targets profits and visibility. Try out the app and order your favorite Amorepacific product today.

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