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Poiret: Shinsegae International’s Premium Cosmetics Brand

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Korea’s Shinsegae International revives the luxury couture house of the legendary Paul Poiret with the launch of premium Korean cosmetics under the label.

Korea, as a country, believes in harnessing the power of technology to create things that benefit Mankind. Incorporating this vision in the Korean beauty industry comes across as strong. One such product came forward when Shinsegae International took over a French fashion brand Paul Poiret. They did not do this to convert it into a Korean brand, but the idea was to relaunch the label to the market in a different light.

Shinsegae International’s Poiret

The Shinsegae group identifies itself as one of Korea’s biggest retail organizations. Its merchandising unit, Shinsegae International, took over the Paul Poiret label in 2015. Paul Poiret was a famous French designer known for his trending fashion sense. After reviving it, the Korean company relaunched the label in 2018 at the Paris Fashion Week. With the success of the relaunch, Shinsegae decided to create its cosmetic line, Poiret. This move leverages the tradition and high-end image of the Paul Poiret label and incorporates Korean beauty secrets. This product is for all markets, and they target to make it available for every K-beauty fan.

With approvals from the European Cosmetics Products Notification Portal for the brand name, Shinsegae International wants to open shops in New York and Paris. Some of its bestsellers are as below:

TEINT DE SOIE: Ideal Silk Fluid Foundation

The TEINT DE SOIE is a liquid foundation. They make it in eight shades of rouge, and the texture is silky smooth. The lightweight liquid glides onto the skin and gets absorbed quickly. Its main ingredient is the extract from the stem of the white rose. This product nourishes the skin from within and helps it recover. The foundation covers blemishes and marks, keeping the skin smooth and ready for the top layers of makeup. 


The face powder from Poiret comes in six different shades and gives your skin a radiant finish. The texture of this powder is cream-like, and it comes with pearl pigments. It keeps the skin soft and glowing while moisturizing it from within. You can use it to create gradients on the skin or give it a 3D effect. As its core ingredient is Glycerin, it does not dry out the skin and leaves it refreshed. 

MÉTIER DE POIRET LE PACTE CRÈME DUO: Duo Sculpting Foundation Balm

When you need to define your cheekbones and sculpt your jawline, rely on the Duo sculpting foundation from Poiret. Its creamy yet powdery formula comes in a semi-matte finish. They make it with a combination of a contour and a foundation. The Beeswax and Sunflower seed oil create a moisture layer on the skin and do not let it dry. 


With a range of twelve shades, the ROUGE RAFFINÉ from this brand is your classic lipstick. Its ingredients leave your lips feeling luscious and soft after every use. They make it luxurious elegant, and it melts away on your lips, giving them a natural color. 

LES CINQ-A-FACETTES: Eyeshadow Palette

Poiret offers four eye shadow palettes that come in warm and enigmatic shades. They make it’s with the best-in-class ingredients that create a lasting tint on your eyes. You will not need to run to the washroom every hour of the day trying to fix your shadow. With this product, you can play with textures and shades to make impressive gradients over your eyes. 

In the End!

No matter which product you select, Poiret offers something for everyone. The range is vast, and it does not disappoint with its shades and textures. Feel luxurious using these products and create envious looks for every party. 

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