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10 Coolest and Fashionable BTS-inspired Nail Art Designs

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As BTS ARMY, we love all our BTS-inspired stuff! Be it BTS merchandise inspired by their album, ‘Map of the Soul: 7‘, or a BTS-inspired suitcase line. You can even get BTS-inspired phone accessories from Casetify featuring the BTS logo. 

There are some coolest BTS hoodies that you can get your hands-on with the BTS logo and album artwork. 

You can also get yourself some BTS Dolls in collaboration with Mattel. 

BTS fans have many different ways of showing their love for their favorite Korean boy band. They are streaming their videos, online concerts, and many other unique and creative ideas like writing stories and making art. 

One of the most creative ways ARMY has shown their appreciation for BTS is through nail art. We are sharing some of the coolest BTS-inspired nail art designs that the ARMY will just love! 

Map Of The Soul: 7 Album Covers Nail Art

The nail art is inspired by the four album covers of the MOTS:7 album. The number ‘7’ on the white base looks absolutely neat! 

Blood Sweat and Tears Music Video Inspired Nail Art

This nail art takes inspiration from the Blood Sweat and Tears music video with dark pink and black background. The video featured a fallen angel with black wings, which is what inspired the whole design. 

bts nail art

BT21 Inspired Nail Art

You can actually make the art or get pre-made nail art prints online from Amazon. 

BTS “Boy With Luv” Nail Art

The design is based on “Boy With Luv,” the title track from BTS’ new EP, Map of the Soul: Persona. Since the song and video were a bit brighter, this one is a more whimsical design! You can try the BTS nail art by following the tutorial video.

BTS’ Suga Outfit Inspired Nail Art

The designs are not just inspired by BTS albums but even the outfits of members of the BTS boy band. This one takes inspiration from Suga’s outfit from a live performance. 

Another Map Of The Soul: 7 Inspired Nail Art

It is another design that is inspired by the latest album. It even incorporates the 2020 nail art trend of negative space

Smooth Like Butter Inspired Nail Art

BTS nail art inspired by the blockbuster Butter single!

BTS Army Nails

The BTS ARMY inspires this nail art. 

BTS nail art

Love Yourself Album Covers + BTS Logo Nail Art

First is the minimalistic nail art, and the other is the nail art stickers inspired by the Love Yourself album covers. 

BTS Logo Inspired

The last one is the simplest, and everyone can actually make it no matter your level of nail art skills. 

For BTS newbies, ARMY is the BTS fanbase that spans a diverse demographic scattered all around the world. While they are not spending time chatting about their favorite idols, you can find them on Twitter tweeting about the latest BTS achievements.

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