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Korean Fashion Brands Release Eco-Friendly Material Clothes

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As an initiative to strengthen the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management, Korean fashion brands are set to release eco-friendly clothes.

Many companies are seeing potential in the eco-friendly fashion market. Increasing number of Korean conglomerates in the industry are working towards creating eco-friendly fashion items. All this comes from customers’ interest in making ethical choices and working towards keeping the only planet we have, healthy!

Kolon Nylon by Kolon Sports

Kolon Nylon is a 100% recyclable material that comes from combined efforts of Kolon Sport, Volon Global, and Italian nylon maker Aquafil. It is an outdoor brand from South Korea and is a subsidiary of Korean clothing firm Kolon Industry FnC. The eco-friendly material is in the Korean fashion brand’s spring and summer collections. There are vests, jackets, and pants amongst its SS products.


SPAO is a specialty retailer of private label apparel (SPA) brand by E-Land World. They have come up with recyclable denim made of eco-friendly Turkish fabric.

SPAO eco leather eco-friendly korean fashion
SPAO Eco Leather

There’s an ‘Eco Leather‘ range of clothes which use fake leather by SPAO.

PLUStIC Collection by BlackYak

The eco-friendly collection from BlackYak features T-shirts, jackets, and pants made of PET bottles. They are the first of their type in the country. Each clothing item from the Korean fashion brand is made of 15-30 recycled 500-milliliter PET bottles.

Vegan Leather from Marhen.J

Marhen.J is a Korean vegan fashion brand whose products match the quality and design of the traditional leather goodies. The bags use vegan leather and canvas without compromising on quality. The Korean brand is now venturing into upcycled fabrics and other eco-friendly materials like an apple peel.

Bossa Denim from A.T.Corner

A.T.Corner is a womenswear brand that features eco-friendly fashion by the LG Group. To meet the customers’ demands, they have created products from sustainable textile Bossa Denim. It comes from a Turkey-based company that uses fibers from plastic bottles and naturally occurring chemicals. The Korean fashion brand also makes vegan leather jackets.

Bossa Denim Girl Fit from A.T.Corner
Bossa Denim Girl Fit from A.T.Corner

Regen Seoul by Hyosung and Pleatsmama

Hyosung and local fashion brand Pleasmama have launched items that are made with ‘Regen Seoul’. It is a fabric from fibers obtained from recycling plastic bottles. And these bottles are collected from Seoul districts!

Regen Seoul by Hyosung and Pleatsmama
Regen Seoul by Hyosung and Pleatsmama

Hyosung aims to produce 100 tons of Regen Seoul to meet the demand of eco-friendly product by June 2021.

Last year, both the companies jointly introduced ‘Regen Jeju’ fiber and the collection of eco-friendly bags and clothing made from the same fabric.

Kakao and Eco-Friendly Fashion

Kakao Commerce has launched Maker’s Prime, a private brand on its platform. The Korean fashion label only sells products on pre-order. This will keep inventory from piling up. The stockpiling is not only financially beneficial but also eco-friendly.

Maker’s Prime is also focussing on making eco-friendly fashion products. They are made of eco-friendly materials or they are made while saving water. There are cardigans made with mulberry yarns, ‘hanji.’

Another eco-friendly fashion product from the brand is the ‘Bottle Sweater.’ It is made with fibers from plastic bottles and it is quite popular amongst customers.

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