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Ggeek Beer Co. – Making The Best Craft Beer in Korea

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ggeek beer

“Ggeek Beer Co.,” an upcoming Korean brewery, has made some amazing craft beer in recent years. Let’s take a closer look at what the company is about and its portfolio. 

Overview of Ggeek Beer Company

Ggeek Beer Company Ltd. is an enterprise that focuses on the brewing industry and making better beer. Founded on June 19th, 2018, the company quickly began its brewing industry by launching its own pub in July of the same year. 

The founder and CEO of Ggeek are Hong and Joong Seob. Today, the company has accumulated 100 million Korean Won as capital.


In 2018, the year of their start began with their own pub where they also developed original recipes. Moreover, the gypsy brewing project was also started in the same year. The following year led the company to determine the demands of the consumers before steeping into a brewery. As a result, the company released six beers before establishing its brewery.

In 2020, Ggeek Beer company acquired the manufacturing license for alcoholic beverages. In addition, the company has won silver and bronze medals at KIBA (Korea International Beer Award). The company also won silver and chairman’s selections at Asia Beer Championship in 2020 and 2021.

Lastly, scaling, distribution, and market expansion took a massive leap in 2021 for Ggeek Beer Company. In 2021, the company released six new beers, including the new year-round beer Smimm. Moreover, they started collaborating with other brands where they brewed beers for local companies. 2021 was also the start of “Monthly Geek Beer.” 

Ggeek Beer Company’s Business Model

A prominent business model of Ggeek Beer Company is the products for the fandom economy. It makes a variety of beer flavors to satisfy consumers’ needs. The company has introduced a subscription plan, thanks to the improvement in the liquor tax.

Ggeek Beer Company is also promoting brand values by introducing new products. As a result, the company is implementing various ways to expand consumer contact points. Moreover, the company focuses on the ground-level response to market changes. 

Ggeek Beer Company releases 15 new beers yearly, which is significantly higher than its competitors, which release a maximum of 5 new beers in a year. Moreover, there is diversity in satisfying the customers. The company also mass produces only consumer-certified products to reduce risks through a step growth strategy. 

Companies always invest a lot in their R&D. Similarly, Ggeek Beer company is investing in its in-house yeast culture to replace imported yeast. This will reduce the cost of imports and improve the sustainability of the business. 

The Amazing Drinks of Ggeek Beer Company

Year Round Beers

Ggul Ggeok is a craft beer made with traditional ingredients. It has the characteristics of an easy approach. In other words, newbies can drink this without any issue. There is no hard impactful taste that will put you off. However, you can expect deeper flavor in Ggul Ggeok. With this beer, the company is focusing on new consumers.

Smimm is another year-round craft beer that has a taste of floral and citrusy grapefruit aroma. It combines flavors from multiple hops that lead to the main flavor of the beer. Moreover, it also contains the right amount of caramel malt, rye, and esters. Lastly, it also has an aftermath mint taste that gives it a herbal finish.

ggeek beer

Monthly Ggeek Beer

Ggeek Beer Company brews new beers every month for customers. This section of beers comes under their monthly Ggeek Beer portfolio. Since the start of its operations, the Korean beer company has kept communication lines open with the customers. They are also asked to provide feedback and reflect on the beer and magazines. The company is hoping to make a signature product that will come under the “Monthly Ggeek Beer.”

Cloudy Nights is the latest release by the Korean beer company. It is a Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel-style beer, a Souther German wheat beer. It is a darker version of the Cloud beer released in October 2022. Flavorwise, it has banana, toffee, and caramel flavors in a wheat beer base with dark malt addition.

The best part, it tastes perfect when it’s not too cold. So, you can enjoy the beer for longer even when the temperature of the beer rises slightly.

In the end

With the achievements that Ggeek Beer Company received, it is true that the products have potential in South Korea and beyond. The company is now looking for expansion in the global market. The company is making significant improvements and sealing deals with Singapore and Japanese buyers, making the Asian region one of the first export markets.