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Korean Food Tech Startup The PlantEat Targets To Change The Society’s Meat Dependent Food Culture

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The PlantEat is a Korean food-tech startup that is focused on researching and developing alternative food products. The PlantEat aims to change the whole meat-dependent food culture in today’s society. Overall, the main target is to solve the nutritional imbalance that the world faces.

It is based in South Korea and was founded in 2017 by Jaesik Yang. The first product it launched was yakkong mayonnaise, a pure vegetable mayonnaise made with Korean yakkong bean (a Korean black bean) and soy milk instead of eggs.

What does The PlantEat do?

As the name suggests, The PlantEat researches different applications of plant-based ingredients. They also create functional plant-based food by using their own patented processes. The PlantEat is also focussing on creating new products using DNA analysis.

the planteat

How does The PlantEat create new products?

First, it analyses the meat-based ingredients of a product. If there is no similar plant-based ingredient in the database, it will create a plant-based alternative. The alternative is then scaled up as needed.

The PlantEat Products

It creates the products under the label – Eat’s Better. All the products in the range are Vegan Certified from the British Vegetarian Association. The brand Eat’s Better aims to solve the modern global malnutrition problem through its healthier, tastier, and sustainable plant-based products.

Eat’s Better Mayo

The mayonnaise is made of seomoktae (black bean) that add fiber and double protein to the mayo. It does not have any eggs, and the calorie content is significantly reduced. As compared to regular mayonnaise, the fat content and sodium content are lower. The mayo is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fibers.        

Eat’s Better Crackers

These crackers are not fried, oven-cooked, and 100% pure vegetarian.

  • Earl Gray Crackers – Luxurious Earl Gray Crackers with the flavor of fragrant black tea
  • Medicinal Bean Crackers – Sweet potato crackers enjoyed by the whole family
  • Mugwort Crackers – The more you chew, the tastier the cracker is.

Eat’s Better Mini Mayo

There are three flavors in the Mini Mayo range by Eat’s Better. It has 0% cholesterol, and you can use it with various dishes.

  • Plain Mayo – It has a light and refreshing taste with sunflower oil and basil.
  • Cheongyang Soy Mayo – The mayo has a refreshing taste of Cheongyang pepper and salted soy sauce.
  • Chipolemayo – It combines the colorful taste of Mexican spicy pepper chipotle on soft plain mayo.

Eat’s Better Cereal

This is a healthier and more delicious option for cereals. It has a high content of nuts, proteins, and dietary fibers.

  • Chestnut Pumpkin – The cereal contains chestnut, sweet pumpkin, walnuts, and cashew nuts.
  • Cacao – It contains yak bean, black sesame’s savory, and cacao nibs, almond flavor.

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