NEMONIC by MangoSlab: A Game-Changer for Smart Adhesive Memo & Label Printing

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Displaying personalized messages to your customers can significantly enhance your relationship with them. With MangoSlab, you can print labels that are uniquely yours. In other words, you can customize your labels with messages and different sizes. The Smart Adhesive Memo/Label Printer from MangoSlab is known as NEMONIC. With the help of this innovative tool, NEMONIC can offer significant benefits to small businesses. It can easily and quickly produce attractive labels for its products. Let’s look at this high-quality label printer and disclose some of the advantages of this outstanding product.

Overview of MangoSlab

MangoSlab is an independent company that originated from Samsung C-Lab. The company focuses on developing thermal devices that add convenience and ease to our daily lives. MangoSlab seeks to offer creative answers for common problems, emphasizing improving the customer experience.

The “MangoSlab NEMONIC Sticky Note Printer” is its flagship product and has sold millions of units. It also bagged the Home CES Innovation Award in 2017.

Designed to print on sticky notes, this printer utilizes practical inkless thermal printing technology. Using a Bluetooth connection to compatible devices, users may print text, photos, and other material straight onto sticky notes.

What is NEMONIC Smart Adhesive Memo & Label Printer?

The NEMONIC Label Printer is a way to express your feelings or put labels on your products that look professional. It helps small businesses create trustworthy relationships by showing them personalized labels on purchased products. Users can easily design their own labels using this gadget. After that, they can put them neatly wherever they are needed. 

The NEMONIC Label Printer provides adaptability and customization choices to businesses. It offers a selection of label paper sizes and sticky note paper colors. It streamlines the creation of labels and eliminates the necessity for costly and time-consuming outsourcing. 

Small business owners can save time and money while maintaining a professional image for their products or shipments. This label printer prints product descriptions and product tags professionally but at a cheap cost. 

Printing and Labels

The NEMONIC Label Printer accommodates a variety of label types to cater to diverse business needs. This Korean startup innovation has the adaptability to handle varied labeling requirements, whether it is waterproof labels for items that may come into contact with moisture, translucent labels for an attractive and seamless look, or name tag labels for identifying reasons.

The NEMONIC Label Printer uses direct thermal printing, a widely used process in the sector. With this technique, pictures and text are produced by selectively heating heat-sensitive paper. It does away with the need for toner or ink cartridges, lowering operating expenses and maintenance requirements. Direct thermal printing is a great option for small business settings because of its dependability, speed, and minimal noise output.

The MangoSlab NEMONIC Label Printer has dedicated software compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms to increase user convenience. With the help of the software, customers can easily create and print labels from their smartphones, tablets, or PCs. This seamless technological connection simplifies the label development process and guarantees a hassle-free user experience.

A thorough testing process was used to ensure the performance and dependability of the NEMONIC Label Printer. This label printer has proven its dependability in producing prints of superior quality after completing a 20-kilometer printing test. Small business owners can trust the NEMONIC Label Printer to fulfill their printing requirements without sacrificing productivity or output quality. 

MangoSlab NEMONIC Label Printer

MangoSlab is aware of the value of providing top-notch customer service. The NEMONIC Label Printer and its corresponding cartridges are available for purchase on to provide simple access to their products. 


The awards MangoSlab has won show its commitment to innovation and excellence. The NEMONIC Label Printer has received the CES Best Innovation Award, which is recognized for its innovative style and usability. This distinguished award strengthens MangoSlab’s dedication to providing its clients with high-quality products.

In the end

Small businesses might not always have the necessary funds to adopt industry-standard methods. Labeling products using the conventional way can be over-the-top for certain types of businesses. MangoSlab NEMONIC Printer is fun, playful and practical. Not just businesses, individuals can use it to label gifts and for making memos. This CES innovative award winner is an amazing tool for designing unique product labels. 

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