Noom – The Health Coaching App from South Korea

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Starting a fitness journey can be overwhelming, considering the number of diet plans, workout plans, and other plans available on the internet. You should always go for a simple and basic routine as a beginner. Some apps can simplify such things by becoming a virtual health coach for you, and one such health coaching app is Noom.

What is Noom?

Noom is a weight loss health coaching app that works intuitively with your smartphone devices. This app will turn your phone into a personal trainer that will not only help you lose weight but also motivates you to lead a healthy lifestyle. This app requires several permissions from its users so that it can track records. Moreover, users also need to sign up and stay logged in to the app to keep a complete record of users’ activities.

Users also have to stay disciplined during the course of improving their health. They have to give input about what food they consume throughout the day. As a user, you need to write down what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After you type the name of the food you take, Noom’s health coach will suggest different and healthier options. Moreover, the app also calculates the calories that you consume.

Apart from the calorie counter, Noom health coach also has a robust pedometer feature. It tracks your steps and counts how many steps you take in a day. After that, it also shows you how many calories you burn with the amount who steps you take.

Noom Weight Loss Coach communicates with other users and creates an active community. These networks can be a center for getting advice and tips on thousands of health-related problems. You can also be the one to share your experience and tips to help others. 

Noom has an intuitive way of interacting with its users. The app has a reward system that rewards its users with experience points. It reinforces its users to stay motivated and do tasks to achieve their goals. 

How Noom Works?

The app uses a behavioral approach that is believed to affect its users. This effect is like a trick that motivates the users to build healthy habits. Noom works with real healthcare coaches that have expertise in their respective fields. These coaches determine where you are in your fitness journey and set achievable goals. After that, the app will make you accountable for the goals. 

You start using this app by giving answers to a series of online questions. These questions will address your current health situation and other information like weight and lifestyle. For instance, the questions can be about whether you cook or eat outside or how many hours you sit at your desk in a day.

After completing the Q&A stage, you will be assigned to a coach who will give you recommendations regarding your diet. Other than that, you will also have access to Noom’s built-in tools that helps you track activities such as calories burned and steps you take in a day. Moreover, it also tracks blood pressure and blood sugar level. 

Noom has an overwhelming amount of tips and quizzes that users can look at. It can help you understand your fitness journey and gives you a sense of direction. 

Final thoughts

This app is perfect for fitness freaks who do not mind using technology to assist their journey. Beginners can also use Noom as it helps them understand more about their bodies. Moreover, they can also improve their diet and overall lifestyle. It is also for those who like to track their daily activities.

Noom health coaching app is available for Android and iOS in their respective stores. If you have a smartphone, you can start using this app today. 

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