Now Getting Tattoos is Painless with Prinker M – A Korean Product

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Prinker M, a Korean product, is the world’s first digital temporary tattoo device that allows you to design and apply water-resistant tattoos in no time!

Earth is an artistic marvel, and nature’s beauty has no parallel. Humans are one of their prime creations, and they like capturing it. Paintings and drawings since prehistoric times have intrigued people, and the love for art never ends. Tattooing is a form of expression in which people make symbols on their bodies with ink. As per standard practice, the ink goes into the lower layer of the skin, forming the desired pattern. Many people wish to get a tattoo but are too scared of the needle and pain. Prinker M brings you the first painless tattoo device that will help you fulfill your dream of flaunting the print of your choice. 

What is Prinker Korea Inc.? 

Prinker Korea Inc. is a startup that found its inspiration in the art of applying ink to the body. This company makes a device that can help you place the tattoo of your choice on any part of your body. The tattoos are temporary and waterproof. With three years of success under its belt, this company has even partnered with the 2016 Rio Olympics. They worked in collaboration with Samsung Electronics on various projects. Prinker Korea Inc. also presented at the IFA Berlin in 2017. This innovative and revolutionary company brings forward this new form of art. They offer various versions of their device. 

About Prinker M

The Prinker M is a handheld device that connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The device comes with an app that works with Android and IOS software. You can send select from close to 8000 designs pre-installed in the app. Once you select the design, you need to send it to the device. Before applying the ink on your skin, you must prep it to not dry it out. All you need to do is roll Prinker over the area of skin you need tattooed, and your print will come alive on your body. Its revolutionary technology and utility made Prinker M an Honoree at the CES 2022 Innovation awards for the product.  And the Prinker M + Hair Coloring Accessory became an honoree at the CES 2023 awards in the Home Appliances category again.

Some advantages of this body printer are that you can create your designs. The software allows you to create black-and-white and colorful designs of your own. If you do not want to create something new, go for their 8000+ designs instead. The ink cartridges go into the hardware separately. Every set of cartilage can make up to 1000 prints. While these tattoos are water-resistant, you can wash them off with soap. It means you can flaunt a new tattoo almost every day. The products used in the making of this ink are cosmetic grade. The company uses only FDA-and CPNP and cruelty-free goods.

With Prinker M, a tattoo will soon be an accessory that compliments the clothes you wear. When buying this product, you must select between the black and white or the colored version. The only difference is the ink used in these devices. You can even buy just the ink if you already have the product on you. You can create your own identity now with customized tattoos that do not use a needle. There is no need to have the same tattoo all your life if your choices change. 

Back in Limelight

L’Oreal has made a small investment in the Korean tattoo printing company through the BOLD (Business Opportunities for L’Oreal Development) fund. Regarding its investment in Prinker, Barbara Lavernos, Deputy CEO in charge of Research, Innovation and Technology at L’OrĂ©al said, “Through this strategic investment, we can fulfill our deep commitment to bringing breakthrough beauty technologies that truly empower boundless personalization and self-expression into the hands of every person.”

And now it is in the limelight again as it has claimed that LG Household & Health Care Ltd. has copied their idea and created a copycat product called IMPRINTU. According to the Korean startup, this device from LG shares quite a few similarities with the Prinker M device. The concept, design, and size of the two Korean tattoo devices are similar. LG’s portable temporary tattoo printer is set to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress. Prinker has reported the same to the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and is planning to take legal action against the Korean conglomerate.

Conversely, LG has dismissed Prinker’s claim and accusations as the startup being ‘exclusive’ to the tattoo printer concept.

In the End!

With Prinker M, all you need to do to look stunning in print on a tattoo. Make a bold statement with washable tattoos from Pinker M, and let your Instagram buzz with likes. You can even zero down a set of tattoos for various occasions in your life. These could synchronize with the events and add confidence to your personality. 

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