Samsung Launches the Ultimate AI-Powered Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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In step with the endless possibilities of AI, Samsung has launched the world’s first AI-powered smart robotic vacuum cleaner in South Korea— the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

While robot technology is slowly taking off around the world, South Korea has always been a step ahead in harnessing the power of AI to push the boundaries of reality. Being one of the most automated countries, the rapid assimilation of AI into everyday life is of no surprise.

Photo from Samsung Electronics Co. Newsroom

South Korea does not hesitate to dabble with new technology. The country has definitely carved a niche for itself in the AI industry with extraordinary automation and robot development skills. The Korean lifestyle, today, is so seamlessly incorporated with AI technology that one may have mistaken it to be the world of a science fiction K-drama just half a decade ago.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work and Why Do You Need it? 

In the world of gizmos and tech, AI is the talk of the town. With the myriad of benefits, it offers a solution to modern lifestyle hurdles, and AI has found its way into our homes as well. So, how does AI work? 

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, learns from the vast amount of data produced daily that is fed into the operating system. The quantity and quality of this information being fed into your AI are important because if the gathered data lacks quality or is not the right format, the application of the AI can turn out to be less effective. AI systems perform intelligent searches and employ algorithms to interpret patterns and features from complex data. These computational capabilities allow AI-powered machines or robots to think and perform human-like activities. 

Just like a human, AI needs to be “taught” its tasks. But, unlike humans, the chances of them slacking off or “forgetting” is marginally less. For all you people who are chronic procrastinators, if not simply busy with work, AI gizmos present the perfect solution.

AI definitely makes our ever-busy on-the-go modern lifestyle more convenient and hassle-free. It saves time and takes off the pressure of doing mundane, repetitive tasks.

While most tech firms now use AI technology instead of manual labor to ensure accuracy and precision in their gadgets, the introduction of AI-powered robotic gadgets is definitely a step forward. A “smart” home is the aspirational standard for millennial homeowners today, with every operation a click of your smartphone away. AI-powered home gadgets, such as the Samsung AI-powered robot vacuum cleaner, are part of this evolving category of products that make your life easier- so you can sit back and relax or work without worrying about mundane tasks.

What Makes the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI-Powered Robot Vacuum Cleaner Unique? 

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Cleaner was unveiled at the All-Digital Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 2021.

It is the world’s first robot vacuum cleaner, loaded with Intel’s Movidius AI solution for accurate object recognition and meticulous cleaning. 

Whether you are a tech junkie or not, the enviable features of this product will ensure you geek out over it for a while.

Design Matters

Design plays a pivotal role in the automation process of AI devices. The unique design of the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot ensures its ability to reach even the remotest corners of your house. 

Photo by Samsung Electronics Co. 

This device has a triangular base, unlike the typical disc-shaped vacuum cleaners in the market. It features active stereo cameras, including LiDAR and 3D image sensors. 

With a sleek design and a smaller mounting station, this stylish and smart vacuum cleaner is available in various exciting colors to suit the aesthetic of your home. You can have your pick from white, pink, blue, green or yellow, to class up your interior decor while also enhancing functionality. 

A Feature-Packed New Age Device Created for The Modern Home

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI has pre-learned more than one million images based on deep learning. This allows the smart cleaner to recognize the tiniest of objects. Not only does it recognize household appliances like TVs, sofas, air conditioners, beds, refrigerators, etc. but also smaller random things like socks, glass cups, electric wires, and even pet poop which are otherwise very difficult to be distinguished by ordinary robot cleaners. The Jet Bot can recognize delicate objects like glass and keeps a safe distance from them. 

The detailed object recognition comes from Intel’s Movidius AI solution and active stereo camera with 3D sensors. It enables the vacuum cleaner to spot obstacles at a distance of 1 cm and a height of 1 cm. In addition to that, there are two cameras inside to recognize space and objects in 3D. Another interesting fact about this smart vacuum cleaner is its ability to detect topographical features up to 1 meter away, and 60 degrees left and right, in 3D. It also comes with LiDAR sensors (used in self-driving cars) for enhanced spatial recognition capabilities. 

Is that all the Jet Bot boasts of? Sounds like a lot of exciting and innovative features already, doesn’t it? Well, there is more!

Voice Control

The Samsung cleaner also has provisions for voice control. You can configure the hard-to-reach areas with the help of Samsung’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform, SmartThings, or just voice instructions. It can also empty the trash can on its own after returning to the charging station. 

It’s A Pet Monitor Too!

The best bit about the cleaner is that it acts as a pet monitor. Due to Samsung’s collaboration with Ajinyangi, a pet-focused company, the makers have added 20 different songs that you can play for your furry friend. Moreover, it can also detect unusual pet behavior, such as excessive barking or lack of movement for a long time, and immediately notifies the user. You can also access video content and learn pet-related information for free from renowned pet health counselor and vet, Seol Chae-Hyun, via the SmartThings Pet Care Service.

Pocket Pinch 

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI-powered robot vacuum cleaner is available only for pre-order in South Korea at the moment. It is priced at 1.59 million won ($1,430). 

To Buy or Not To Buy?

The Samsung Jet Bot AI is a complete game-changer in a millennial household, particularly if it is a smart home. 

This AI-powered smart vacuum cleaner puts an end to taking precious time off on your weekends to clean the house. With just a click on your smartphone, you can instruct this robot vacuum cleaner to clean up. You can automate the entire process, from scheduling cleaning sessions to let the device know of the “no-go zones” in your house, which it must avoid. 

The best bit? You can keep tabs on your house and your pets while you are away and be alerted in case of anything unusual. Yes, it is an expensive device but a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to maximize their productivity.

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