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Korean startup unpa.Cosmetics providing a platform for beauty and cosmetics

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unpa.Cosmetics is a venture business that develops private brand products and operates one of the largest Korean cosmetics social media and reviews sites. unpa.Cosmetics expands to Eonni Ui Pauchi, and it translates to ‘big sister’s pouch’ in Korean.

unpa.Cosmetics helps people make the right decision when it comes to people experiencing beauty. They believe that a new attempt towards beauty will bring happiness to people.

unpa.Cosmetics is an influential SNS service for beauty products with more than 1.9 million app users on both platforms, Android, and iOS. The site gets more than 1.5 million views daily. It has created a mobile beauty platform where beauty content can be enjoyed, and it can also be directly purchased from the same source. It has become a one-stop solution for beauty and cosmetics products.

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unpa.Cosmetics produces products that utilize big data. This is the only company that makes real big data cosmetics via beauty keyword analysis, skin tone, skin type analysis, direct persona analysis, and so on.

One such earliest example is “Bubi Bubi Lip” which was manufactured after analyzing data of millions of users. unpa.Cosmetics has released many other cosmetic products, and they are sold via different channels.

Bubi Bubi Line – For daily lip care
Bubi Bubi Lip

It is a lip scrub that is different from the usual rock-hard, harsh crystals of conventional scrubs. This lip scrub is filled with little bubbles that gently exfoliate your lips.

Bubi Bubi Lip Ampoule

The ampoule is an intensive lip treatment that provides deep hydration and nourishment to your dry and exhausted lips. It contains some essential oils like argan oil and jojoba oil along with moisturizing and protective elements like hyaluronic acid and ceramide.

Bye Bye Cica Line – Say bye to skin irritation
Bye Bye Cica Serum

This is a soothing serum that efficiently controls the oil and water balance of the skin. It does not irritate the skin as the formulation contains natural elements like Centella extract. The serum can soothe any inflammation and reduce skin acne.

Bye Bye Cica Cream

It is a daily moisturizer cream that provides instant relief and hydration to any dry and inflamed areas.

Cha Cha Line – Products made with charming charcoal
Cha Cha Bodywash

It is a charcoal-based body wash that is gentle on your skin but very effective in cleaning any impurities. It contains six natural vegetable oils that gently but effectively exfoliate and moisturizes your skin.

Cha Cha Cleansing Foam

The cleansing foam is made with charcoal powder, which effectively purifies the skin by absorbing wastes. The bubbles in the cleanser are highly effective in cleansing the deep pores and removing any excess waste from your skin.

Along with this, there are many more products that have been launched by unpa.Cosmetics for unpacking the mysteries of beauty!

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