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7 K-beauty makeup tips for this summer

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Summer reminds us of holidays, but it also brings with it the non-stop sweating. There are beaches and cool blue skies but there is also the bright hot sun. The colours are all vibrant and you can feel the effect when you apply makeup. But, the hot days of summer are basically the enemies of well-applied makeup and beauty. Sweat and humidity can melt away the makeup from your face in a matter of minutes.

We need to take inspiration from Korean women as even in the sweltering heat their makeup seems on point. There are some tips and tricks you can follow and some innovative products you can use.

Tip #1: Keep it light.

To best deal with hot temperatures, it is better to keep your makeup light. If you apply a thick coat, it will melt and form an uncomfortable mess on your face when it mixes with sweat. You must choose makeup products with a light texture and are non-sticky. For a beach party or a pool party, you can use Missha The Style Fitting Wear Cashmere Powder SPF15 foundation that stays on your face for a long time and it has a very light feel.

Tip #2: Skin care is most important.

To have perfect makeup, have a good base, i.e., your skin. You must take care of your skin so it is protected from summer elements like UV rays. Always apply sunscreen like Innisfree Long-Lasting Sunscreen before going out anywhere and before makeup application. This will protect your skin from UV rays and prevent any harm to skin elasticity.

Tip #3: Waterproof makeup products.

You might not find waterproof counterparts for all your makeup products, but you should use the waterproof alternatives for the ones available. This will ensure that whenever you are at the beach, your makeup will not wash off.

Tip #4: Perfect that summer pout.

Instead of going with a regular creamy lipstick, this summer choose a tinted lip balm. It will make your lips pop with colour and keep them moisturized in the humid, sticky weather. Peach Slices Jelly Bounce Lip Balm can coat your lips in shades of pink and keep them hydrated and moisturized with its antioxidant-rich formula.

Tip #5: Primer is your friend.

In hot and humid months, you can use a sebum-soaking primer as a base for your foundation. This will control excess oil released from your skin due to heat. You have to simply apply a thin layer of a primer like Banila Co. Prime Primer Finish Pact so that the next layer of applied foundation does not melt on your face.

Tip #6: Waterproof mascara to make your eyes pop.

To avoid that raccoon-eyed look, waterproof mascara is essential. For example, Peripera Wholly Deep Mascara is a waterproof formula that will stay in place even when you are in the pool.

Tip #7: Most important, buy a setting spray!

This will not only seal your makeup, but it will also keep your skin refreshed. A setting spray like Etude House Fix & Fix Mist Fixer will keep your makeup intact and maintain skin moisturization. It is one of the most innovative and convenient products you can carry around everywhere. Whenever needed, simply spritz on your face and it will soak up excess oil from your face.

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