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Time to Say Goodbye to ‘Maskne’ with TONY MOLY Sheet Masks Set

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As if stress breakouts weren’t bad enough, now we gotta worry about the ‘maskne’ too.

So, now that you’ve got your face mask and have been wearing it diligently for the past month. Now, suddenly, you’re experiencing breakouts in some strange new spots. 

And they are different from the stress-related breakouts you’ve experienced because of all the pandemic related havocs in our lives. 

Well, most likely, you are dealing with ‘maskne,’ the latest not-so-fun term to enter in our lives thanks to coronavirus. The word has been added to the Urban Dictionary even! 

What is Maskne? 

As the name suggests, it’s a form of acne brought on by wearing a face mask. This type of acne is also known as acne mechanica, a physical kind of breakout that results from excessive friction, pressure, or rubbing. Friction because of masks can also lead to the formation of blackheads or comedones.

It is mainly triggered by pores being blocked by sweat, oil, or even makeup. While you are wearing the mask, breathing can create a humid environment for bacteria that cause acne. 

Before coronavirus pandemic, this type of acne was mostly experienced by athletes because of their helmet straps combined with sweat, heat, and friction. 

Now it has become a part of everyday life for all of us. 

How to Identify Maskne? 

The breakouts because of masks are mainly around the area where it sits – the bridge of the nose, chin, and cheeks. 

How to Get Rid of Maskne? 

Prevention is the best solution when it comes to maskne. 

But, if you’re already experiencing breakouts, then you need to adjust your skin care routine

Check out how you can adjust your K-beauty skin care routine in response to maskne here. 

Sheet Masks is the way to go!

A straightforward solution to deal with maskne is to finish your day off with a sheet mask. It will give your skin much needed refreshed feeling and a moisturization boost. 

But, what if one day your skin feels dry while the other day you are experiencing dullness. Another day you might even be dealing with a breakout or fine lines. There are so many different skin concerns. 

When there are different problems, there have to be solutions that focus on each challenge. That means you need a multi-pack of sheet masks, and we just have the right one for you! 

TONY MOLY I’m Real Sheet Mask Pack of 10

Get the TONY MOLY I’m Real Sheet Mask Pack of 10 for just $26 on Amazon with free shipping! (Prices are accurate at the date of publication, June 8, 2020. They are subject to change.)

TONY MOLY is one of the most popular K-beauty brands in the world. Their products are affordably priced with cute packaging and a host of natural ingredients.

Sheet masks from TONY MOLY are some of the best go-to masks for skin care lovers. 

TONY MOLY I’m Real Sheet Mask includes ten sheet masks that are made of a three-layer pulp sheet. These sheets are soaked in a variety of enriched essence. Depending on the mask you are using, the essence can be a watery or milky lotion or a micro-emulsion. 

The masks are not paper thin like many other sheet masks but are still delicate. 

First, you have to cleanse and tone your face and then apply the sheet mask on your face. After the application, you have to wait for 20 minutes before removing it. And all the excess essence, you can dab it onto your neck and arms – nothing goes to waste! 

To get a superior cooling boost, put these masks in a fridge for some time. 

TONY MOLY Sheet Mask

TONY MOLY Sheet Masks Pack

Luminating Skin I’m Real Lotus Mask – It contains lotus extracts for giving you a luminating skin. Lotus extract can transform your dull and dehydrated skin into a radiant complexion. 

Clear Skin I’m Real Rice Mask – The mask can give you clear skin and delicately soothe and nourish your skin. 

Skin Purifying I’m Real Makgeolli Mask – It is a skin purifying sheet mask with mineral oils and fermented rice wine extract. Makgeolli is a Korean rice wine. 

Skin Soothing I’m Real Tea Tree Mask – The mask can soothe irritated skin with a potent anti-inflammatory tea tree extract. It protects the skin from harmful environmental factors and soothes fatigued skin.

Brightening I’m Real Lemon Mask – The sheet mask is a brightening skin mask that can improve your dull and lackluster looking skin. 

Elasticity I’m Real Ginseng Mask – It is a sheet mask for skin elasticity which contains natural ginseng extracts. It works on giving you a youthful-looking complexion. 

Anti Aging I’m Real Pumpkin Mask – It is an anti-aging skin mask with 1000 ppm of pumpkin extract. It keeps your skin soft and supple for a youthful complexion. 

Refreshing I’m Real Orange Mask – The mask can refresh and revitalize your skin tone with extracts of orange and vitamin C. 

Elasticity I’m Real Pomegranate Mask – It can improve your skin elasticity with its enriched water-based essence. The mask not only smells great but gently tightens your skin. 

Pore Care I’m Real Red Wine Mask – The sheet mask will take care of your pores, leaving your skin plumper and softer. 

You can use these masks at least once or twice a week. If needed, you can also use them regularly for significant skin improvement. 

Have you ever tried any TONY MOLY I’m Real Sheet Masks? Let us know in the comments! 

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