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Toun28 – A K-Beauty Startup With A Customized Monthly Cosmetics Subscription Service

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Toun28 is a K-beauty startup that believes in developing healthy beauty products for the best of people and the environment!

The K-beauty startup, Toun28, provides a subscription service that properly analyzes your skin’s condition, prepares customized ‘Put Ons’ for you, and delivers them to your doorsteps every month (28days). Toun28 sends their skin guide to precisely examine the skin condition of every part of your face (T zone, U zone, N zone, and O zone). The products are designed and customized on demand. Toun28 delivers your products only within 9 days (it can vary according to your address). The changes on your skin within the period are also analyzed and considered while preparing your product.

Toun28 has its terms and key values to provide the right products that benefit your skin and environment. That’s the reason they came up with ‘Righteous Put Ons.’

Toun28 – The Skin Diagnosis Service in Korea

Your skin diagnosis service works in the following 4 steps, but it is exclusively only available in South Korea.


Go to the Toun28 official website via and fill in all the necessary pieces of information that are asked there. You can also fill in your available address and suited time if you wish for a skin genius from Toun28 to visit you. The measurement services are free of cost.


Skin measurement includes measurement of skin tone, pore, wrinkles, elasticity, and moisture of the skin. These are the five measurements performed during the process of skin diagnosis. It also gives attention to your forehead and nose (T zone), around the eyes (O zone), around the mouth (N zone), and the cheeks (U zone). 


After the measurement of your skin, the data will be used to prepare perfectly suited ‘Put Ons’ for you. It is fully customizable and allows you to choose the intensity of active fragrances and ingredients. It takes only a few minutes after a discussion with the skin expert. 

Pay and Receive

After completing each of the above processes, you must move further with the payments. After the payment, your product (put-ons) will be delivered to your mentioned address within 7 to 9 days (the time may vary depending on your location).

How to Use the products?

The products are not always ‘Put on,’ but they can be Essence, Toners, Eye Creams, and Lotions depending on your skin type and skin problems. Generally, cosmetics are built on elasticity, whitening, trouble, moisturizing, and sensitive lines. Each line contains Essence-Toners-Eye Creams-Lotions. Many people (~45%) have different skin types in different parts of their faces, and their skin type is considered complex. With the help of Toun28, you can avoid repeating each step of different cosmetic lines. This will minimize your inconvenience and will also cut down the expenses to a good extent. While using Toun28, you can avoid using other products as they are unnecessary and can overlap.


Toun28 comes with fine paper packing, and Korea Environment Corporation approves the packing material. It has a craft paper-made package with an authentication code on it. It has a PE-coated inner part in its packing, which keeps the product safe. The glue which is used in the packing of Toun28 products is the glue that is used in the manufacturing of food products. Too much pressure should not be applied to the package, or else it can undo the glue and also oil and water may stain the package since it is paper made. The package of the Toun28 products is biodegradable and can be easily disposed of after use. The materials which can be used for packaging and can also be decomposed after being used are found after a lot of research and experiments.

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