Cati by Catius – An Interactive Conversational AI Friend for Children

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Cati by Catius revolutionizes learning with an interactive AI educational toy for children. Explore how it enhances cognitive and verbal development.

Cati by Catius Inc. is a groundbreaking conversational AI companion for children aged two to five. It is a stuffed animal with a built-in speaker and microphone that a smartphone or tablet can control. Cati can tell stories, play songs, and answer questions. It can also be used to help children learn about different topics.

This cutting-edge technology aims to assist youngsters in developing verbal, social, and cognitive abilities. Cati is an interactive technology that enables children to communicate with the device using natural language, thus understandably facilitating self-expression.

A primary benefit of using Cati is that it provides parents with peace of mind. Cati is designed to be a safe and engaging way for children to interact with technology. It does not have any ads or third-party trackers. Cati’s content is also carefully curated to be age-appropriate and educational. 

Cati was first introduced to the world at the CES2023 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, earlier this year, it was recognized as an innovative product that never existed in the world and won the CES Innovation Award.ย It is a conversational AI educational toy designed perfectly for children with its soft cuddly appearance.

cati by catius korean startup conversational AI interactive learning educational toy

Features of Cati

  • Tells stories, plays songs, and answers questions
  • Helps children learn about different topics
  • A safe and engaging way for children to interact with technology
  • No ads or third-party trackers
  • Age-appropriate and educational content

One of Cati’s most significant advantages is its ability to engage children in conversation. The interactive gadget enables youngsters to ask questions, tell tales, and explore their surroundings. This method aids in the development of children’s linguistic abilities, as well as their confidence and creativity. Cati is also intended to be an entertaining and engaging companion for youngsters. The AI educational interactive learning toy includes a variety of games, tales, and activities meant to engage the child’s creativity and help them learn in an entertaining and engaging manner.ย 

Moreover, this innovative Korean product can provide comprehensive and informative answers to children’s questions, whether open-ended, challenging, or unusual. It can also play games that help children to practice their skills.

The best part of using this interactive AI toy is that it never gets boring. Your children will learn new topics every day, and it will even provide personalized content tailored to them.ย 

Benefits of using Cati

  • Helps children develop their language skills
  • Encourages children to be creative
  • Promotes critical thinking skills
  • Answers questions in a comprehensive and informative way
  • Introduces children to new concepts
  • Helps children to practice their skills
  • Provides a safe and engaging way for children to interact with technology

Cati is an intelligent gadget that employs machine learning algorithms to adapt to each kid’s specific needs. Cati learns from children’s replies and adapts its approach accordingly as they engage with it. It can thus give individualized support to each kid, allowing them to develop at their own rate.

Another essential element of Cati is its simplicity. The gadget is straightforward and user-friendly, making it simple for parents to set up and operate. Parents may personalize the gadget to meet their child’s requirements by selecting from various features and settings.

Some additional details: 

  • It is available for purchase on the Catius website.
  • Costs KRW 208,000 on Naver.
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Overall, Cati by Korean startup Catius is a game-changing technology that has the potential to change the way children learn and develop. Its multi-turn conversational AI technology and its emphasis on linguistic, social, and cognitive abilities make it a must-have interactive learning tool for parents looking to give their children the greatest possible start in life. Children may develop at their own speed with Cati, while parents can be certain that they are receiving the necessary care.

Cati is a great option if you are looking for a fun and educational way to help your child learn. It is a safe and engaging AI educational toy for children to interact with technology. Cati can also help children learn about different topics.

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