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K-Beauty Skincare Secrets of Your Favorite Korean Actresses

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Despite having a hectic lifestyle, Korean actresses always look young thanks and now even you can follow their elusive skincare secrets!

Korean culture is unfolding like rose petals, and with each petal, it has something new to offer. K-beauty trends range from Hanbang to sheet masks, from a dedicated skincare routine to LED masks. The best thing about K-Beauty is that you can watch your favorite actor or actress use it even on TV. The combination of K-Drama and real-life skincare secrets is thrilling. Despite having a hectic lifestyle, these stars always look young. Below are some of the beauty secrets used by K-actresses that keep their skin flawless.

My Secret Romance’s Song Ji-Eun believes in the age-old technique of always keeping oneself hydrated with water. Drinking enough water helps to regulate the digestive system and clears the skin. The actress strives to drink 4 to 5 liters of water per day. Water hydrates the skin’s lower layers while preventing excessive sebum secretion. Drinking water also helps to maintain hormonal balance, which keeps the skin glowing and youthful. 

Park Shin-Hye, The Heirs actress, is a firm believer in the benefits of sheet masks. Nothing can stop this actress from using masks to brighten the face in between shots. These masks keep the skin supple and make it easier to apply makeup. Because of the harsh lighting and dust on sets, Park Shin-Hye believes that a rejuvenating sheet mask is the best way to achieve an instant glow. A good face mask can prevent acne, detoxify the skin, brighten it, and hydrate it. With the best mask for your skin, you can unwind at the end of a long day.

Song Hye-Kyo believes in doing things the old-school way. The Descendants from the Sun star rolls with homemade masks to which this actress credits a dewy, radiant complexion. The egg white and honey mask are what the actress goes to at the end of every week or forthright. The honey in it reduces acne and signs of aging, while the egg white tightens pores. This preparation gives a vibrant and radiant look to the skin. You could even put together your own components and create something new.

Bae Suzy’s 424 method is a take on the Japanese technique of face cleaning. The actress and Miss A Singer uses Korean products but believe in undertaking the double cleansing step for a longer time. As per this technique, the oil cleanse needs four minutes of oil rubbing followed by the foam cleanser which, needs two minutes on the face to clean the oil. Last, take four minutes to wash off everything. This technique aids in removing impurities that remain stuck for long into the skin. 

For Ha Ji-won, good skincare means excellent moisturization. This actress from Empress Ki uses a jelly moisturizer on the face as soon as it feels dry. With a dedicated schedule, the lady moisturizes the facial skin every 3 seconds. Creaming the skin enhances blood flow which gives a glow to the face. Also, it prevents breakouts in the skin and reduces the secretion of excess oil. You should always follow a strict moisturization routine and select the right products from the ones available under the K-Beauty brands.

In The End!

Working on one’s beauty and skin is a treat, not a chore. One must prioritize their health over all else. If these Korean actresses, who work under pressure, can keep their skin looking young with simple, everyday tips and their skincare secrets, so can you. Follow their tips or create your own routine; either way, your skin will thank you for the attention it will receive. Begin today, as the environment is deteriorating the skin by the minute.

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