Best Dog Care Service in South Korea: Dogmate

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Dogmate is a Korean startup that offers service as a dog walker whenever you have to leave your doggo alone and go out somewhere.

The new generation in South Korea believes in working hard and spending money. As Korean companies expand their footing internationally, the profits are on a high. This growth results in more disposable income, and Korean’s like to spend all of it on their pets. The Korean pet-care market has shown an exponential rise since 2019. While people buy pets, their high-paying jobs or life plans do not allow them to look after their furry friends all day long. This gap is where the company Dogmate comes into the picture. 

What is Dogmate?

Dogmate came into existence in the year 2015 and runs on seed funding. They have their head office in Seoul and actively work in this region. This company believes in creating a happy place for your pets. They come with a website and a mobile app, compatible with all android devices. You can schedule a professional dog-sitter to take care of your furry friend for a fixed time. This organization delivers safe walks and a clean environment for your pet at home.  

Services Offered by Dogmate

Keeping a dog requires giving time to the animal. Depending on the breed you take, you need to provide specific nourishment, exercise, and hygiene. When you go away for work or a vacation, your pets get lonely and dirty the house, and the lack of exercise could depress their mood as well. With Dogmate, you can hire a dedicated pet-sitter. These individuals come to your home at a dedicated time and ensure your pet’s surroundings stay spotless. The next thing the pet sitters assure you of is a long safe, and fun-filled walk for your dogs. 

Every pet sitter comes with a Dogmate leash and couples it with the harness that the owners leave behind. 

If the weather does not permit a good walk, the caretakers get innovative. They curate sniff games for the dogs indoors. Sniffing helps dogs enhance brain activity and gets their curiosity rising. With small treats hidden all over the house, your dog will enjoy nose walking and gain a similar experience to an outdoor walk. The set-caregivers ensure the dogs get their clean water and bowl at the charted meal times so that your dog schedule is not spoilt.

Every individual who works with Dogmate comes with professional training on handling dogs. They only hire those who come with at least five years of experience in dog handling and show confidence in their job. Once you request a caretaker, you get to select from 12 different applicants, all of whom come with a large amount of experience as handlers. You always get one-on-one consultation at the time of booking. This method allows you to feel relaxed leaving your loved pet in their care. If you own a special-needs or an elderly dog, ask for a specialist pet-sitter and inform them about any extra care your pet may need. 

In the End!

Dogmate is here to help you, and your pet stays relaxed during working hours. This company makes life easier and keeps your pets entertained. If you own a cat, you need not worry as they also have special people you work with as butlers for your royal pets. Next time, use their services and come back to a happy and healthy pet.

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