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Korean startup ZEVAHEALS making life stress-free with ZEVA Oils

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The company name, ZEVAHEALS, comes from two words – Zeva (means ‘precious’ in Sanskrit) + Heals. It is like nature’s gift packed in a bottle to give us healthy skin and keep up with the company’s philosophy of healing.

They are the skin experts who continually research to make everyone’s skin healthy by using natural products. The company’s motto is to innovate and creatively seek new things so they can make a product that is safe and effective.

At ZEVHEALS, the philosophy is to provide eco-friendly beauty products while maintaining a healthy relationship with the environment. All the products are available at reasonable prices unlike many other natural and eco-friendly brands.


The company started in 2016 by producing natural essential oils imported directly from the United States. The natural ingredients used in these products are safe and effective. During this project, communications with customers about the positive effects of natural ingredients on their bodies led to an improvement in the safety and effects of natural materials. ZEVA Oils contain less than 1% of synthetic materials other than natural oils. These oils are even edible as they are 100% pure and highly concentrated essential oils.

Some of the popular oils included Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Oregano Oil, Lemon Essential Oil and many others. These oils are multipurpose as they can be used for many things – aromatherapy, cooking, antiseptic, etc. Most of these oils can be added to your regular creams and body lotions to make them more beneficial.

ZEVA Peppermint Essential Oil

A multipurpose oil with a soothing and refreshing scent. The peppermint comes from a grass belonging to the dicotyledon plant Lamiaceae. You might have heard about it as being a part of toothpaste and gums. It contains menthol that can stabilize nerves and relieve headaches. This Peppermint Essential Oil is a perfect companion for those days when you suffer from a cold. You can add it to a warm cup of water or tea to clear your blocked nose! A single drop of oil can be a massage oil for a stiff neck, tired legs, or reduce traveling sickness and drowsiness. You can even use it as a natural deodorant by mixing it with an ethanol base.

ZEVA Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This is a must-have oil for strengthening your immune system so you can be protected in the flu season. Eucalyptus Oil can clear your head and help in relieving headaches and stress. It also has a skin-cleaning effect and can lower joint pain and neuralgia. You can add it to a diffuser at home or office to create a calming environment.


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ZEVA Lavender Essential Oil

Most of us come across lavender in the form of an oil, not an actual flower. Lavender stabilizes the mind and body. It is very effective in reducing stress-related tension, clumping muscles, and insomnia. You can even apply it to bite areas and minor wounds for faster and safe healing. This oil can be added to your body lotion so you can get a soothing sensation whenever the cream is applied.

ZEVA Rosemary Essential Oil

This is another oil from ZEVA primarily used in cooking. It contains 100% natural rosemary oil which can be added to different dishes for flavouring. Besides this, you can even use this oil for scalp care. Rosemary is a hub of rejuvenation.

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