Medipixel XA – A Medical Diagnostic Program from Korea

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Medipixel XA is a software program powered by Artificial Intelligence from Korean company Medipixel aiming to become a new normal for coronary artery analysis. 

The heart is a vital organ in the body, and while it works most of the time wonderfully, it has its bad days. A high cholesterol diet, less exercise, and genetic diseases all contribute to wreaking the heart. People require the most important thing like immediate medical help and diagnostic to save a patient in times of crisis. This aspect is still weak in most hospitals, and the result is fatal for the patient. This is where Medipixel AI comes in.

What Is Medipixel?

Medipixel is the brainchild of Andy Kyuseok Song, who has worked with AhnLab and LG Electronics as an IT developer. He understood the requirement for a device that could use artificial intelligence and save lives. It is a start-up and has recently gained a massive investment of $5.8 Million in May 2021.

About Medipixel XA

Medipixel XA is a software program powered by Artificial Intelligence from Korean company Medipixel aiming to become a new normal for coronary artery analysis. 

Medipixel XA Interface (Image: Medipixel Website)

This program can analyze images of the heart’s blood vessels and give results that would show any potential blockages, narrowing of arteries, or lesions. These issues in the heart mainly point at either heart failure or heart attack if left untreated. The USP of this program is that it does this analysis in the shortest calculated time so far and with near-perfect accuracy. Such a thing is of vital importance to the medical fraternity and could have loads of benefits. 

Uses And Benefits 

Some uses of this fantastic invention are as below. 

  • Time: When it is a matter of the heart, time is of the essence. Currently, doctors have programs and technology that can analyze heart problems, but it talks anywhere between three or even five minutes for the result. Because of this, patients have lost their lives. The Medipixel XA does this analysis in a short time of one second thus, saving many lives.
  • Customization: The technology works in real-time. Which means there is no delay in the input and output. It can analyze and spot the exact trouble sit and even make customized stent recommendations if required 
  • Quantifiable result: Artificial Intelligence in this technology recognizes lesions in the heart and gives the result in several pixel formats. 
  • Works as an assistant: Because the imaging is real-time, this tech works like an assistant in the surgery room. The doctors can also rely on this tech.
  • Future perfect: AI aims at being a part of robotic surgery one day. With a technique to help in the wire’s movement that carries the stent. This could be the future of stent procedures without human intervention. 

With every invention comes a cost. This, too, has a cost attached to it, and Medipixel is trying to have the cost of using this technology covered under medical insurance in Korea. However, this will not stop them from testing waters in the medical market in other countries. 

Wrapping up!

Technology is a never-ending science, and its creations are helpful to humanity. With this improved technology, doctors have higher chances of saving people with heart ailments. The thought behind the project is very intuitive. Backed by Artificial Intelligence, it will be the next best thing. With the proper support, Medipixel XA will surely reach its goals.

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