Cellena from Korean Medical Device Startup Nu Eyne

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Cellena by Nu Eyne, a Korean medical startup, is a device that promotes tissue regeneration and normalizes nerve activity for treating dry eye.

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor manufacturer, and Nu Eyne, a Korean medical device maker, jointly have a wearable therapy device. It is here to serve patients with dry eye syndrome and stress from the cornea. 

What is Cellena?

Nueyne is a wearable therapy device manufacturer for your eyes. It specializes in healing people who have dry eye syndrome. Dual-core Bluetooth and a microcontroller power it. NU Eyne develops Cellena, it is a wearable device that utilizes electric current to improve the relief from dryness and fatigue. It also emits light which focuses on enhancing retinal function and overall eyesight. 

Cellena is lightweight and easy to use. Moreover, you can wear it for a long period of time. As a result, you can have long therapy sessions with a single charge. Apart from that, Cellena records all the logs and stores the information of all sessions. Nueyne is also set to announce a smartphone app for its products. It will have intuitive features and interactive therapy management. 

How Does It Work?

Nu Eyne focuses on people with dry eye syndrome and pain in the cornea. The cornea is the out latter of the eye, which helps you focus on things you see. Nu Eyne has an electrode patch that you need to attach to the skin right around your eyes. As a result, the patch will cover the peripheral nerves. After that, the device will transmit electric current in a transcutaneous way. 

The light emitted by the product also sends an electric current through the skin. As a result, it induces the healing process by mimicking wound healing of the damaged corneal surface. After that, it promotes the lacrimal gland secretion, which induces the relief of dry eye. The secretion happens through parasympathetic activation, which is initiated by trigeminal nerve stimulation. 

The Technology Behind the Product

Cellena by Nu Eyne is making the life of people easier by giving them hope of light. They are bringing together amazing researchers and engineers from various fields. As a result, they are able to create the technology behind this wearable.

The regenerative mechanism of Nu Eyne helps recover damaged tissues. It makes a recovery by mimicking a wound-healing mechanism which is similar to what your body does for healing. After that, the device regulates nerve activity to eliminate homeostasis. There could be a few reasons that can make your nerve activity abnormal. As a result, you can experience insomnia and diabetes. In conclusion, the technology present in Nu Eyne’s wearable induces the healing process.

In certain cases, there is a chance of getting cancer when tissue cells proliferate. The researchers behind Nu Eyne are focused on developing a mechanism to prevent cancer through physical stimulation.

Final thoughts

The eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body, and it is through them that we can see the world. As a result, it is essential to take care of it despite its condition. Nu Eyne provides an innovative medical approach to tackling eye-related problems. Their product Cellena with its microcontroller technology, is serving as expected by its creators. 

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