Pet Me Up – Best Pet Pick up Service in Korea

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Pet Me Up is a Korean startup that offers pet taxi services for companion animals that can pick your pets along with you and take you anywhere you want.

The years 2019 and 2020 saw Koreans spending close to $2.5 billion and 3 billion respectively for the welfare and purchase of pets. The spending amount should touch the $5 billion mark in the coming six to seven years. These figures and reports come from the Korea Rural Economic Forum. These new generation pet-parents want to provide all luxuries to their pets and will go to any lengths for it. Pets are now a preference for the young Koreans over babies. Many technologies related pet-care start-ups look forward to leveraging this change in customer behavior. One such company is Pet Me Up which wants pet-owners to relax and enjoy traveling with their pets. 

What is Pet Me Up?

South Korea does not allow pets to travel in taxis or public transport. Some taxis do permit them to travel but only in cages. Pet Me Up is a company that saw this as a problem and started operation in 2016. If you own a private vehicle, life is easy, and you can drive your pet anywhere. However, if you do not own a personal car, it is challenging to visit the vet. Understanding this gap in the market, it started a pet-friendly taxi service. This app uses GPS to help you know the location of the taxi in real-time. This service assists people with booking cabs for their pets and even takes them for a long ride. 

Why use Pet Me Up?

The idea is to have a mode of transport at your disposal if you need to travel with your pet. One of the many reasons people prefer this service is because it comes with a reservation agent who also acts as your counselor. They take you through the booking process and guide you on the right size and features of the vehicle you need to hire. These agents show genuine interest in knowing your pet and offer customized services. They dispatch the closest rider to your location and ensure timely pickups. The company believes in working with transparency and always shows the rates applicable when booking a ride. All you need is a smartphone and the Pet Me Up app downloaded on it. You can travel all over Seoul with this app and make a reservation from anywhere with your mobile. 

The Future

With the company gaining popularity, many larger mobility companies had their eyes set on it. As of March 2021, Kakao Mobility Corp. took over Pet Me Up. Kakao Mobility Corp looks forward to expanding its portfolio into, Pet-care, and this move sets its path in the right direction. Currently, Natuspin operates Pet Me Up. But, its founder, Park Na-ra, and other employees will become a part of Kakao Mobility to launch the project. The Pet taxi service will become available on the platform Kakao T. The transition is in process, and Kakao Mobility will launch Pet Me Up officially starting from March 2022. People look forward to the outcome of the merger between the countries most popular pet-taxi service and the largest mobility giant.

In The End!

With Pet Me Up in the market, there is no need to put your furry friend in a cage when you travel. You can let them enjoy the wind in their ears and take Instagram-worthy pictures of their happiness. Considering the recent accusation, one can expect better-personalized services for their pets and themselves. If you are in Seoul and need to travel with your pet, give this service a try.   

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