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Skincare Secrets of Blackpink – What Do the Members of Blackpink Use for Skincare?

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K-Pop, like K–beauty is taking the world by storm. They have together made a mark in their industries that will not fade away soon. One such famous K-pop group is Blackpink. If you have not heard of them, it’s time to do some research. They are a girl group band from South Korea who is not only known for their catchy dance moves and hit musical numbers but also for their near-perfect skin. So, whether you are looking to follow in their footsteps or looking for a new routine for yourself, check out the skincare secrets of your favorite K-pop girl band, Blackpink!  

Skincare Secrets of Blackpink

This group has always given credit to a thorough skincare routine that they follow at all points in time. There is a mix of products in this regime, and all four follow it depending on their skin type. Here is a glimpse of what they do to look flawless.

#1 Tony Moly Wonder Tea Tree Cleansing Oil

An oil cleanse is a part of the double cleanse routine famous in the K-beauty skincare routine. This K-beauty product by Tony Moly is light and non-sticky. With the benefits of Tea Tree, it also acts as an anti-oxidant and removes any left-over makeup or excess oil from the skin. Jennie from Blackpink swears by this oil cleanse, and this lets her experiment with her myriad of looks and makeup. 

Following the double-cleanse, Jennie always uses Wonder Tea Tree Cleansing Oil to remove any makeup and allow the skin to feel smooth.

#2 The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

From the vaults of The Face Shop, their famous rice water cleansing oil has already appealed to the masses. Made with rice brand water, it tightens and brightens the skin. The oil base here is Jojoba oil that effectively removes all dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving it supple and smooth. 

Ideal for incorporating into your night routine, this one is the first line of moisturizer. It is ideal for a double cleansing routine and is gentle on the skin. People of all skin types can use this one.

#3 I’m From Rice Toner

Developed by I’m from, this toner is 77.8% pure rice extract. This enhances the skin’s brightness and adds elasticity to the underlying tissue. It gives a glow to the skin by removing dead cells and hydrating them. Best used during the day, it provides a light shine to the skin, which gives your make a glow from within.

I'm From Rice Toner
I’m From Rice Toner (Photo:

Like Lisa and Rose’ you can also use this as a base before makeup or toner to add smoothness and a fresh shine to your face.

#4 Aloisia Beauty Brightening Radiance Face Mask

No Korean skincare routine is complete without a face mask. Jisoo, from the group, has dry skin just like you, and her quick-fix remedy is a smooth, plump sheet mask that gives her quick hydration. This mask from Aloisia Beauty is perfect for masking signs of hyperpigmentation, provides brightness to the skin, and makes it childlike. 

This mask has an army of ingredients like PGA, Botanical extracts, extracts from marine life, along with Vitamin B3 that make this a miracle skincare step. It is not only the mask but also the material used to make the sheet—the Luxe Cupro, that aids in better hydration. It does not slip and covers all parts of the face without a miss. 

#5 Berrisome SOS Essence Lip Patch

Berrisome brings you the ultimate lip patch. This lush lip mask is what Jisoo swears by for naturally fresh lips. It moisturizes and keeps the lips, along with its surrounding area, supple, reducing the appearance of fine lines. In addition, it has Centella extracts, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and peptides that remove dead cells, minor dry cuts, and roughness on lips. 

With one patch used for just 15 minutes, you can also be ready for a close-up shot with a luscious pout. It is easy to use with a spatula that allows you to separate them and use the 30 pieces wisely.

#6 Aloisia Beauty Glow Exfoliating Soft Peel

If you are looking for a water-based cleanser, then this from Aloisia Beauty is the ideal product. It can remove dead skin, pollution, and all non-sticky material from the face. Rich in ingredients like microcrystalline cellulose, enzymes from fruits, and all plant-based nutrients. These help to renew life fewer skin cells. PMB and Sodium hyaluronate boost skin hydration and elasticity. 

Along with aloe vera, Vitamin E, and green tea, calm the skin down and protect it. Arginine and Rose extracts make skin smooth, and licorice reduces spots. It is an instant fix for dull skin, and the group uses it regularly.

#7 Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum

Taking long flights without time to catch some sleep? Do not worry about your skin looking as tired as you feel. Serums are the magic potions from the vaults of K- Beauty. This Glow Serum from Beauty of Johnson is made on the line of traditional Korean science called Hanbang. 

Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum
Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum (Photo:

It has 2% Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and 60% extract of propolis, which gives it the power to restore lost brightness and remove dull skin. You will look and feel stunningly radiant with this one. All members of the group vouch for this serum! This is one of the Blackpink skincare secrets that saves them from having a bad picture day with the paparazzi upon landing at airports.

#8 Aloisia Beauty Deep Hydration Aloe Gel Mist

Aloe vera is the star of this Gel Mist that can be wisely used for soothing skin damaged by the sun and healing redness. It also reduces scars and hydrates the skin from within. It initially has a gel-like consistency, which transforms into a mist. This is light on the skin and reduces stress on the face. 

Other ingredients are green tea that clams the face, witch hazel that cools, collagen and peptides to smoothen the skin and make it elastic. This reduces fine lines and eliminates wrinkles from the face. So, if you have dry skin like Jisoo or normal skin, this one is the best.

Final Words

These products are all from the best brand in K- beauty. Members of the Blackpink surely know how to select the best from the lot. While they all have their own set of skin types and tones, they look flawless in each performance across the globe. You can create a whole new routine just around the products they swear by, and the results are in front of your eyes. Their porcelain-like skin radiant confidence and exudes freshness. Follow the impeccable routine and choice of products for clean and problem-free skin now that you know the skincare secrets of Blackpink. All the K-beauty products are widely available, and you can get the one that suits your skin type or get them all.

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